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Friday, April 6, 2012

Ghost Prisoners/ Programming A Storyline For Max Profit

TIs are akin to 'ghost prisoners'. We are put back into the world everyday with stories that can be easily denied.

Why only now am I understanding just how big this is? How dangerous?

All of.this going on coinciding with covert human experimentation, through the campaigns of TIs becoming 24/7 during wartime.

Why are they so interested in programming? I have posted that some Survivors' suicide programming seems similar to a very religious suicide bomber's except Survivors of high level programming only kill themselves, not others from.the commands in those.sequences. THE LONG TERM TORTURE VIA STALKING AND.HARASSMENT from 'gang stalking' is what would make such a programmed person snap and become a lone shooter of large numbers of strangers or anyone they knew who betrayed them horribly.

Its not right but I can understand their being interested for that reason.

Yet these methods have been around for centuries. MK Ultra since the 50s. Why now is it of such interest?

What if....the people involved in these awful things were themselves all programmed. Worse, by the elite or the designers of the world's long.term plans, so that things could be orchestrated just as they gone.

They could benefit.from both the enemy and the people they claim to protect.

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