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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Friday, April 13, 2012

Getting The Mob Involved In What Should Be Strictly Intelligence Work

You can tell that alot of people in on gang stalking are looking for approval and are sucked into the mainstream.

I have gotten alot of bs about this hat I had on during a quick making of a vid series. Anyone who knows anything about the Traveler community knows that everyone has one of these fedora's. Its a traveling hat. And actually I got it becuz I lost my other more genuinely well traveled hat. Its like a standard part of the style.

Yet perps and other idiots who are in on this will look at just the hat on the person's head and judge according to that.

You can tell these people dont get involved in any scenes, they dont go anywhere and if they do its strictly some total poser or trendy asshole scene. No imagination or originality whatsoever.

I can also tell many of these people only see life through the lens of their computer screen.

The problem with tech now is that the horrid mob now has access to not only keep down smart, talented people or force us to to thier bidding (turining perp etc) but it allows them to come together in a way that makes them feel they have natural domianance when, in reality, in the REAL world outside of fake man made nonsense the smart, artistic, brainy and good looking people are always going to be dominant.

These hate groups may work for complex political,monetary and economic agendas but they are simply made up of the same boring scum that have always tormented great people throughout history. Its almost like a sort of communistic society where The People all have Equality and absorb or destroy anything standing lone or the individual.

Former CIA James Angleton http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Jesus_Angleton claimed that communism had infiltrated and taken over the USA. He had alot of credible evidence or at least to show cause for such a theory via what Russian agents had told him.
HE WAS IGNORED AND SHUNNED. Sort of like the rest of us who have information about the NWO or know too much about anything related to it. Targeted, silenced, marginalized and ignored.

The Manchurian Candidate is interesting. It shows people in power who are supposedly Americans to the gills actually working to destroy America via working for Russia. Why does no one see such characters as Bush etc? Its obvious there's alot of Nazi influence in this but one can see the American masses becoming just like in a well controlled, heeled Communist society as well. Total brain wash and total use of a large group of people against anyone strongly individual.

Also, we have to remember that the CIA allows black gangs to do business and succeed financially and feed into the music and other entertainment business via drug sales, specifically crack cocaine. Many of us of all backrounds and races have experienced criminal African American perp groups highly organized like cults as well as individual blacks or in loose groups in public spaces, Greyhound etc doing gang stalking.
These people dont care anything about philosophy. They are the single greatest threat to this country's freedoms. Blacks invovled in covert activity are extremely dangerous becuz as African Americans they can play a few different faces to the public and get away with doing alot of damage.

The stupid, ignorant, needy black is on his best behavior I have seen in shelters or day programs but then shows their involvement in crime syndacates locally when white YUPpies are not around. White YUPpies wouldnt want to see reality anyways. They need to believe that good and right triumphs all in order to survive mentally.
Yet when they go back to thier orderly house holds and neighborhoods, those of us on the front lines see just how devious, cunning and sneaking blacks can be when they work for this system - as house slaves of course. Yet they believe they hold power as gang members. Probably even if you told them who their bosses were they wouldnt care anyways. Blacks who are truly rebellious are targeted or have left for Europe or Africa. You know the difference. Blacks involved in gangs and intimidation of Targets dont care if they are basically living on the plantation still politically. As on black guy working at a hostel in Manhattan -"its all about the money". This is why white folk need to use caution nowadays around blacks. They will do anything to not have to rebel. They have been slaves for so long that only stability and security register to them as value.

I now have a theory that Lincoln was shot becuz he wanted to return blacks back to Africa. Not only did sharecropping need blacks to continue agricultural profit in the USA but I now see that AFRICAN AMERICANS HAVE SERVED AS A SOLID SPY NETWORK IN THE USA SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THIS COUNTRY and they were most likely so rooted in this part of national security that to have them leave would have greatly comprimised the elite's power- ESPECIALLY OVER THE FOLK.

I am not saying every black person. I am saying watch who you are dealing with. The trend now is to market all blacks as acceptable and demand we embrace them. We should perhaps consider them if we are so inclined but not blindly accept ANYONE or ANYTHING in the game of covert warfare or life in general.


Its difficult to not let this affect you. And also there is a theory that suggestions or psychic-like impressions can be stored on videos. Watch out for this.

The mind reading and interface is another tactic. It works alot like disinfo. You may be able to sense what someone else is doing or actually read other's thoughts or intentions at certain times in this or be forwarned about the future to avoid difficulty.
However, you will also then be fed bad or wrong information about reading thoughts or the mind's of others especially when it comes to Truman Show interface.

This horrible experience is when a Target is given the illusion (and it IS an illusion all done through technologies as such things disipate upon going underground, no cell reception etc.) that people are watching thier lives like a reality show. Often with Targets they want to go postal or start stalking celebrities especially, the illusion that the viewers of such a reality show are select famous people. Many TIs can tell you that this was never a part of thier mindset or reality before being heavily targeted. (This technique is especially done to Survivors of mind control experiments and Ritual Abuse. People that may have power or special knowledge or systems or memories of world leaders, diplomats etc and they really want to get rid of such victim witnesses).

I highly suspect the system shows the Targeted person select celebrities they want assasinated or who are in on it and want media attention. If you have stalkers perhaps it makes them seem more important or has media sensationalist value. Also it may be a way of keeping programmed or controlled famous people in line. Like the system will release the nutters on you if you dont do what we want or whatever.

Kurt Cobain died becuz he wanted to leave a woman who wanted his money and clout. True enough but no one can be mad at his wife..becuz its obvious by now she's a Targeted Survivor as well. We CAN be mad at the system and the music business becuz they obviously not only didnt want him leaving to lose profit the larger political system didnt want such a powerful prophetic person leaving the whore house to actually do work in the real world. Same with Brittney Spears.

When Surivivors grow out of whoring for whatever industry they are in, they become a major threat. Who knows whats in thier programming that even they dont know about.
Dont see the connections between celebs and Washington? Here watch this:

When it gets to this level its hard becuz the public refuse to give up thier DisneyWorld for reality. It seems like the TI is working against something thats hopeless but what other choice does someone have when they are a part of the cult since birth and only want to break away? It sucks that its a personal growth thing yet average dumb ass citizens get involved. The cult knows how to manipulate the mob to do thier bidding (Ive seen them do it to individuals) or the cult has become very big.

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