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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Racial and Ethnic Demographics Are Telling Concerning GS

First I looked at African American demographics, of course becuz I was gang stalked so viscously by this group. However, thier presence in cities and select suburbs may be high I was surprised to find that all 50 states with the exception of Washington DC were predominantly 'White' people.


The African American population sizes had no correlation between the severity of my being targeted or the frequency. Though these populations often annoy me, specifically if they are of a character that is overbearing, arrogant and never ending in thier quest for wanna be gangster-hood, I have experienced that areas like Emeryville CA just outside San Fransisco have African Americans who are more pleasant to deal with than other local races.

This was not the information I was looking for obviously.

However, I did find a correlation between a high racial population and areas where I am hit harder than normal by tech specifically: Italian Americans.

Anyone who is Italian or from an area with alot of Italian influence knows damn well that that Mafia went along with every immigrant population in that area. It seems, today thier influence is felt by the gang stalking system's ties to organized crime. Its sad, really.

I also found a smaller incidence of areas high in Jewish populations. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Jews#Significant_Jewish_population_centers

Whether this has anything to do with Israel's agenda, Mossad or the not so much talked about Israeli or Jewish mafia I dont know.

For instance, when you cross the border of Wyoming, you are hit very hard. There is this joke I have now due to the fact that the popular truck stop I go to repeatedly every year during good weather in Wyoming, I can always predict what the content of the targeting will be. I have posted in this blog that each time I am in this location the targeting with what must be tech consists of me being tormented mildy but consistently for being on public assistance and that I should get gainful employment and be self sufficient.
That would be a typical hardline Republican sentiment especially from this area of the country. This state is very high in a 'White' population and has similarities to Wisconsin where there are White Power or Supremacy groups.

However, take note that I am never tortured almost to death or to total destruction as I am in these other areas.

It seems areas high in Italian Americans, African Americans and Jewish Americans are areas of extreme gang stalking.
Perhaps it is a combination of these. There is nowhere I am NOT targeted. Its that some areas target me for total destruction or to get me to freak out and end up in a psych ward or commit suicide whereas other areas seem to be forcing me to get employment, go to school or force growth in me as a citizen.

It depends on the area. Some places apply heavy in person stalking and harassment while others have heavy handed tech so the need for perps isnt needed. Places like St Louis MO however are nightmares with both being used.
It depends on the city as well Ive noticed. But some states are just all over bad like Florida, NY, MA, Connecticut.

Places like Vermont were really bad years ago when this went 24-7 however I have experienced that since I am a seasoned TI they dont dare get that close or that overt anymore. If I went to Vermont now I highly doubt they would try the obnoxious and overt tactics they did years ago. Some places seem now much more interested in getting me to a place of success in some field than destroying me. However, every single place with a high Italian American or Jewish population is still a nightmare to go through.

Its most likely the ties to organized crime that are part of the NWO and the corruption that is behind this. Black gangs, various mafias, first responders, unions, all transportation workers like train and bus, that includes Amtrak and Greyhound as well as individual city operators, select police, and heavily military areas or near military bases are all going to be involved or indicators of heavy stalking/harassment or use of tech.
Though I love Mexican culture to be honest a high amount of Mexican areas seem to be not only involved in gs but also know about my situation and arent afraid to let me know that. Probably joined in with the military most likely.

I agree with thier wanting thier Native lands back. I just dont appreciate their organized crime efforts including gang stalking people. Its not very respectable to be working with the US military is it? I always wanted to believe Mexicans weren't house slaves. I still want to believe that. When it comes to gang stalking there is no one people or class or race or state you can trust. There seems to always be a fraction of these thats involved in organized stalking and harassment.

Perhaps its just that organized crime and corporations run the world now at least in this hemisphere and there isnt much we can do about it.

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  1. They are very arrogant with regard to their invasion of our privacy, especially. I was walking past a family's home, and I was just minding my own business. I thought I heard insulting things like "scum" and "Oh is he really going to go to work now?" Again, it goes back to certain perps, if you recall, many perps are very ignorant and zealously overgeneralize TI's as being lazy or whatever, just because we don't have full time jobs like them. But they don't know we are being kept down, and the fact that we are targeted is the reason many of us don't have jobs. The way they were painting a picture was I am some lazy piece of whatever who is too lazy to work. Again, it goes back to perps, many of them feel they are such hard workers and they feel slighted that we TI's don't work as hard as them. Meanwhile, the only reason many of them have the jobs they do is because they were harassing us in the first place. Perps have a very poor self-perception of themselves. They see themselves as being guiltless, better than us, and oh such hard workers. Meanwhile, many TI's refute those claims and have observed that the ones harassing them on the work site are always the ones not doing much work at all. In addition, they come in late, have a bad work ethic, yet are quick to criticize a TI who works there is they breath wrong.