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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Menino..Does Anyone Really Care Why Anymore?

The BPL is one of the only places left in the Copley area where I had never felt targeted but rather supported. It was a safe haven for years.
Its becuz nowadays not complying can mean refusing to engage in targeting a Targeted Individual using various methods.

Also, a city obsessed with being world class in a globalized society as well as, covertly a part of the NWO which includes mass mind control and the targeting of dissidents who are a threat to the agenda is going to target and harass in any way possible anyone creating a 'break' in the web of control over the total environment. And that can mean many things- the overt ways in which they remained independent and in the ways I described that are more about covert activity.

Here's another story-

We CAN explain it or at least provide a theory. During the Romney/Bush years there were riots in Boston and alot of violence. During the Sox winning and the Superbowl there were riots in the streets. This came at the same time of the way, post 9-11 and most of all the Democratic Convention giving lots of money and toys to the local cops and the excuse to use them. Seems there were protests and riots everywhere for the war and sports related incidents. Strange, huh that such a conincidence occurs right when they need to spend the money they got on crowd control, and those toys. A young woman getting shot with rubber bullets was a big story I recall.

These technologies can be used to make people violent, passive, anxious and a variety of other emotions either for individuals or entire populations.

Doesnt Menino speak alot about gun control policies? Isnt that a big thing with Democrats?

Yes it DOES have to stop. The use of these technologies has to stop and the conniving corrupt bs in the NWO. They are using loudmouth, obvious and careless old fashioned type criminals as diversions to make the public think crime is being slowly dissolved from society completely, when in fact the system has learned how to hide crime as well as stream line it.

If you can buy drugs in the USA they have not busted all the drug lords. If there are still any escort services around then there are protected untouchable career criminals still around and they HAVE TO PAY OFF COPS to exist.

So these displays of power where these fat cats sit in thier fancy chairs and pontificate about welfare fraud and mob guys getting busted etc are just a show for the public. Whats disgusting about this era in America is that these tyrants who treat the public like dumbed down children are in charge of everything. From Obama to Menino. To think he represents Boston is disgusting. Corruption as part of the system is one thing. An overbearing, slovenly bossy slob telling everyone how its going to be and pretending to be this coddling father figure (especially to the naive poor and desperate immigrant) while supposedly cleaning up crime is once again having the fact crime is part of the power structure shoved in your face. You are actually supposed to believe these versions of events.
This obvious absolute bullshit. While Boston and NY are turned into YUPpie corporate hell holes that favor only certain classes, races and demographics and allow corporate powers to take over the cities, they make it look as if crime is being deterred or done away with. ITS ONLY THE PEOPLE WHO ARE EXPENDABLE OR ARENT NEEDED ANYMORE THAT ARE BEING BUSTED.
They are allowing criminals they prefer, like, need or who contribute the most to the economy and cities to still operate. Its the elite criminals they are allowing to exist.

They want to ensure that the public doesnt wake up from the brain wash that the truth is that crime cannot be done away with in the USA completely as its a part of the economy as well as we have actual demand for vices here.

Yet they choose to pick on addicts not drug rings. They state in papers today that they will send more drug cops into Southy. As far as I can see Southy is crawling with covert activity and a presence as it is now. There are lookouts everywhere and I get perped constantly just walking down the street there.
But the dealers or other businesses who matter that are black market wont be busted. Thats becuz they are trying to create a world where only those who can afford vices may have them. And that now includes privacy, dignity, respect and even livlihood. If you cant compete, if you dont fit in, if you arent what they are looking for then YOU dont even get any of those simple things most citizens get.

Boston is working very hard to cover its ass in an era where the naive, dumbed down, plugged in public believe that every homeless person, every drug user whos not wealthy, every person NOT LIKE THEM is akin to a terrorist. They want nothing more than an insular world where everyone is just like them. They can no longer deal with variances, inconsistencies and anything that DOES NOT CONFORM.

This was part of the purpose all along of letting the nut cases out of the institutions during Reagan as well as starting crack cocaine to be such a problem in inner cities, as well as more prisons, pushing gangsta culture and destroying a more relaxed lower class white culture of casual drug use and rock and roll music. Then after the 90's when those things made homelessness, drug culture and the inner cities unbearable to average people- then 9-11, the war, anti terror came.
People now are so trauma based mind controlled that all the want is to be 'safe'. There are plants all over Boston in key areas who's job it is it seems to just harass the homeless with psychological warfare. That along with the tech in use is going to produce alot of homeless people freaking out and acting out in public spaces.
Ive seen it with my own eyes and I have personally experienced that certain locations produce these results more than others, usually do to what seems like much more aggressive, heavy tech in use.
Copley, Central Square Cambridge-these are just a few places where the feel is more prone to violent outburst. I KNOW from experience its those damn towers and the cameras overhead.

I dont care if no one believes me. Ive documented enough. THE POWERS THAT BE CREATE THESE SITUATIONS.

In a world where crime is not tolerated people have to cover their asses really well. This means having police aggressively going after expendables and that being used as diversion. And people with means having to pay alot more and do alot more to not be discovered. You can no longer hide it from the public, you can no longer just have them as accomplices by having low rents, interesting night life and everyone either happily drunk or high on pot. A simple life.

If you want to control the people, you have to constantly make them feel dependent on you as well as well as then FOOL the public since you can no longer hide corruption from them. They must be aggressively controlled, misdirected, diverted and made fearful of not conforming or complying.

This place is a prison and Menino is a big bully like all the rest. A tyrant. I dont mind human behaviors like greed and corruption as this is age old. I do mind self righteousness among total liars and aggressive, fat slobs who want to be my dad while continuing to serve only the rich and thier house slaves by destroying my city and making it welcome to only certain kinds of people.

Screw Boston. Its world class now. It doesnt need people like me. It needs the elite, thier house slaves and the new waves of immigrants. And obviously Southie is convenient for diverting attention for drug busts. Yeah, PICK ON THE POOR ETHNIC WHITES.

See? Its the trend now.

And anyone who does not conform to the new design will be targeted- institutions, individuals etc.
The city belongs to them now. The rest of us are unwelcome. And Southie has been handed over to blacks and obnoxious foreigners who abuse and overcharge the poor white population there as they own all the convenience stores and laundries.

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