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Monday, April 16, 2012

New Theory On GS-Recognizing Dr. Phil Zimbardo

If many of you TIs out there were ever suspect, as I was that all of this has been staged or directed I have a new theory for you.

The professor that was behind the unethical Stanford Prison Experiment, instead of being shunned,per usual in this SICK field, has been exalted and has continued to spread his ideas for decades.

Instead of facing a court of law for war crimes the Nuremberg Codes or other international laws meant to stop unethical human experimentation he instead became a leading author and as you will see, someone that other people in his field listen to.
And considering what TIs have gone through, someone has been listening to him very carefully.
Here is the work I am talking about that resembles an entire start to finish gang stalking campaign.

I have mentioned before that I felt all the covert assistance that TI's get is also on purpose. In fact wouldnt it make sense that if they wanted to kill us that they would have by now?
I know that I have experienced MILAB's where, obviously, things were done to me that were related to poking and probing into programming, which would be connected to my mother's status as a human radiation experimentee closely connected to MK Ultra.

But the entire Gang Stalking campaign has consisted of much of that programming being triggered (as well as parts totally destroyed) and guided as well as I being shaped in a way that strongly resembles the 'subject' of the experiment being made into a hero, for all of society.

I have also pointed out that there is much pushing of community existence and denying the power of the individual not only in society but in a Target's campaign.


AND I KNOW THIS GUY'S FACE. I KNOW I HAVE SEEN THIS MAN BEFORE. SOMEWHERE. And for a person who is programmed with Disassociation and very possibly MPD as in fully blacking out under hypnosis into an altered state, common for all claimants of Satanic Ritual Abuse, what this means is that the Survivor has probably experienced this person in thier lives at some point but without them being in a conscious state.

I was wondering just now if this is what Auschwitz survivors felt like when they recognized people from the camps. TIs live through this experience MULTIPLE TIMES in thier lives.

If you were programmed for sex work as part of their 'plan' for you, then you have an alter ego that works which is why you can be unaffected by those experiences for life. However, in this kind of programming, the programmed person does not recall the clients outside of that alter personality or environment. If they do, they will act completely normal as if they dont know them. Also other convenient quirks like repeatedly forgetting information like addresses, names and phone numbers seems to be a natural part of the sex working alter ego. A madame may have to give a programmed person who is working in her alter ego, the same client information repeatedly even though she has been there many times before. ITS AN ACTUAL PART OF THE PROGRAMMING OF THE PERSON FOR THAT ALTER.

This is why people who know the Survivor who arent in on them being programmed will note that they have a 'forgetting' problem; that select information will slip right through them.
Sadly, this is all curable if the Survivor is let alone to wake up, go through suicide programming and then reprogram with the guidance of a therapist but if the System comes after a Survivor and destroys them with targeting them, they will have lapses of memory not due to programming but actual brain damage from years of gang stalking destroying their minds.

When a Survivor of high level programming thinks they 'know' someone, like they have seen that person somewhere before, take it seriously.
However I must admit that years of GS can alter someone's mind but very strong and astute TI's will know how to separate the damage they do over years from the original preserved memories.

If this guy was doing an experiment like Stanford's prison experiment, which is pretty intricate and involved, you cant tell me he wasnt'
1) originally working for someone heavy like an agency or the military to begin with...STANFORD???
2) that he didnt go on to work for such people or be involved in covert activities or experiments
3) that he didnt move on to things a bit less childish than hero projects, which makes it sound like its for kiddies.

Hiding behavior modification, forced socialization as well as social engineering behind altruism. Its so typically what this system does.

And imagine if you wanted to behavior modify a Survivor so you could make destroying incriminating memories seem like it was for some good of society. Like making the person into a hero.

Listen if this guy is at all connected to that prison experiment- ANY unethical human experimentation, even ONCE, Stanford as well as anything connected to the CIA torture prisons he's certainly suspect.

Its fine to want heroes in society. But people have a right to live the lives they and thier DNA choose for themselves.
For instance my being a hero as a TI and a Survivor has destroyed my artistic ability, high intelligence, poetry writing abilities, the ability to write, edit, store then regurgitate poetry and lyrics mentally, my ability to read books (eye damage-mold), draw, my ability as a dancer or athlete, any ability I had in my 30s as a singer, ability to memorize and act out plays or other theatrical materials, public speaking, mechanical ability (can no longer use photo memory to recall objects to be able to disassemble and reassemble on memory only or how to recall instructions to do so), comedic talent including timing, recall details of movies or books, or to create and freely flow ideas.

And that is just part of whats been taken from me. My youth, beauty, sexual life, sensitivity as a human being, belief in any higher power and much much more.

In the big picture his work going along with the NWO sounds like its part of this communist-like society being formed where the state owns all, there is no higher power and the world is one big community, which the public are told THEY run but if you look closely it is being DESIGNED by people like this and executed via operatives and covert means that can shape events.

When I write in my work the DESIGNERS this guy is part of what I am refering to. Him and whoever it is that puts forth people like him to do such works. We only need to look at MK Ultra and other horrors to see who has been behind such things in the past. Now, with the private sector being so huge and having so much power, who knows who is behind such things.

Private contractors being what they are, the US govt could take all those experiments' results and give them to a private company which could be owned by very wealthy elite people or industries etc who fund such things. The NWO if you will, the people behind it, could fund such things.

Thinking its the govt all the time is probably so popular in GS activism becuz its of a dis-informational nature.In this day and age the world works differently than it did in 1950 or 1970 something.
Many Americans dont even seem to understand whats going on really. We all lived through the 80's where American industry was either moving to China, Mexico, or everything being bought up by Japanese and before that the Arabs and who knows who else. Then very large corporations came in and influenced our culture, then globalization....after that, the history of REALITY seems to just stop. As if those things do NOT lead up to the logical conclusion of what many of us are suggesting- that powerful people and thier companies have gotten so big that governments that were formerly accountable to their people no longer exist or have little power as they had before.

I know this man is shady. And his track record tells us so.

Stop vilifying Targeted Individuals and Survivors and listen to what we are trying to tell you.

The world is being run by powers that you can no longer control unless you become very educated and brave about facing the reality of what the world is like now. THE POWERS THAT BE THAT ARE PULLING THIS OFF ARE LIVING IN THE 21ST CENTURY AND THEY ARE KEEPING YOU HELD CAPTIVE IN THE 20TH CENTURY SO YOU DONT HAVE ANY POWER.
The power to understand what is possible in this age. The power to comprehend how you might be manipulated and controlled by the power structure.

The lives of people like me are prime examples. If this guy can think up the Prison Experiment and his mind works that way do you honestly think he ever stopped forming things like that? I doubt if HE woke up out of programming or underwent behavior modification. Hes probably however, been a valued part of modifying and toying with human beings, individuals and society as a whole for decades though.

Society is being run by mad scientists and people of this ilk who consider themselves and thier ideas superior to normal people. This is extremely dangerous. If you notice, many of us have attested to the fact that the perps themselves have admitted to this system being used to destroy anyone who's from the underclasses who's AS SMART AS THEY ARE YET CANNOT BE BOUGHT OR SOLD BY THEM TO JOIN THIER SIDE.

Here is a post by a blogger. Please disregard the Jew reference, its the story on Dr. Zimbardo I want you to read. (An apology to our other TI's of Jewish persuasion.)
" ‘The experiment was the right thing to do, the wrong thing was to let it go past the second day” - Prof Zimbardo Psychologist who led the Stanford prison experiment
In the end it was a fellow psychologist who intervened."

"But prisoner Mr Ramsey felt the experiment should never have taken place as it had no true scientific basis and was ethically wrong.

“The best thing about it, is that it ended early,” he said.

“The worst thing is that the author, Zimbardo, has been rewarded with a great deal of attention for 40 years so people are taught an example of very bad science.”"

"But Prof Zimbardo calls this “naive” and argues the work was a very valuable addition to psychology – and its findings were important in understanding why abuse took place at Abu Ghraib.

“It does tell us that human nature is not totally under the control of what we like to think of as free will, but that the majority of us can be seduced into behaving in ways totally atypical of what we believe we are,” he said."

When you dont include things like covert activity such as GS, mind control, programming of individuals, drugs that influence or control behavior or even Ritual Abuse of any kind you are leaving out of the picture WHY THESE THINGS HAPPEN. Also what he isnt looking at is the simply greed and corruption of many things linked to the last two administrations and the events of the last 12 years.
We dont need a shrink to tell us that humans are greedy, power hungry creatures that traditionally enslave thier fellow human beings if possible as part of securing power. We also dont need a scientist to tell us about torture always having been part of history with examples like the Middle Ages- the Inquisitions etc.

You can experiment and research all you want. Until you admit exactly how the corrupt system is set up, how it works and admit that people just do these things becuz they are part of a larger plan that exists on purpose and by design, you will never SOLVE humans acting this way or even make such things easier to comprehend thus control one's own choosing to be part of such a system or not.
This guy is an illusionist, as usual providing only parts of the truth and leaving significant things out.

Suddenly I dont feel all that heroic, I feel like a fool.

Nice black and red shirt by the way Dr, I have one I have sewn together in halves also- but mine is BLACK AND BROWN.


Anonymous said...

The problem the perps and experimenters are having is there is always something intangible or innate within the human soul that cannot be quantified and accounted for by genes or lineage. For example, how come there is only one Mozart? Surely his descendents would have inherited his awesome abilities and genius. I believe they have, but there is always something spiritual within the person that makes him or her stand out. It's like one needs to have an inquisitive spirit, like you have to want to be introspective and actually want to search for the answers why in order to "activate" those innate super powers. What they can't account for is "The Gift". It's something you can't quantify by counting up DNA strands, genes, cells, family trees, etc. I don't mean others in the lineage don't have the gift, I mean that it takes a spiritual component that is intangible to make it all come together. They can't quantify that. It's like natural warrior qualities the person has but the other family members don't have. That's what I mean. Perps think they can put a quality score on a target solely based on their results and the family tree, never thinking there is such a thing as the gift. That's one reason we are outcasts to them. Or maybe it is genes. It's an innate quality that gets passed down, but it takes a special quality to activate it, and hence certain family members never show it like the target does.

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nomisben said...

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