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Thursday, April 12, 2012

There Is No Decent Candidate..America Isn't Capable Of It

Obama is no better.

Again we r stuck between two candidates that are extreme. I am beginning to.think America never.was a decent place to begin with. That politicians and people in office were always bad news, ingenuine and for special interests. We just never saw it before.

Now they don't.have a problem with being overt about a New World Order nor does anyone care if we see corruption.

We don't matter anymore.

And I know now I was simply born into the wrong country. That's been.obvious since I was a child.This horrible place could never support someone like me.or my tastes or my needs.

America is horrid, tacky and fake always will be.

I can't wait to leave.


Anonymous said...

I read Romney wants Michael Hayden on his cabinet.

Mike said...

I know, everything is about selling the product. Put out ideas of big benefits with huge fame, money, or attracting mates if they can sell the products while never really giving anyone anything in return aside from superficialness. Go out and buy hip clothes to get the women, go buy your music gear to make it big time, go spend your life savings directing a movie, reach for the stars as long as they are getting money out of it. The myth of being able to achieve all is there to keep people striving, spending, this whole freaking country is one big f'in advertisement. And this wouldn't matter much, but the game is fixed.