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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

FBI Is Using No Fly Lists To Coerce People Into Becoming Informants/Claims of "Torture By Proxy"

This article describes situations very very similar to what TIs have to deal with. It even says that the FBI did torture through proxy.

It also states that people on no fly lists are being duped then told to become informants via coercion like "Dont you love your family? Dont you want to make real money?"

Do I seem like a terrorist to anyone out there? I have no connections, no training in weapons no money or education and I am not religious.
Could this be the agency who, as I have posted, after gang stalking me in Mesa AZ, one of the two young men said "I can make it stop Rachael". Then offered me a 'job' where I travel every month to a new location and get paid every three weeks.

Sounds an awful lot like what this scum in the feds has been pulling for a long time now. Its a total parellel. And I posted about one guy in Fremont asking me "What are you doing in Freemont Rachael..RUNNING FROM THE FBI?" What absolute arrogance.
Without a subpeona how would I know WHO THE FUCK I AM RUNNING FROM DUMBASSES???

This is your government. This is YOUR country. And you know what? This Muslim who feels persecuted doesnt understand that he is one of the lucky ones. Becuz even though he cant get his name off the No Fly list becuz they wont tell him why hes on it go begin with, AT LEAST HE'S GOT LEGAL PROOF THEY ARE MESSING WITH HIM.

Note how they make sure they say things like their agents are trained to go within the laws so they dont have to answer in courts to wrong doing. WELL IF YOU DO THINGS COVERTLY YOU CERTAINLY GET AROUND THAT DONT YOU?

I will tell you what I think and what I have experienced: you have some very sick fucks in the feds and the military. People in power who are utilizing all the anti terror capabilities and beyond who know they cannot be caught for their WAR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and individuals. They are basically akin to serial killers. And what kind of highly intelligent serial killer or rapist or pedo wouldnt get themselves into such positions of power if they could? Think about it.

What kind of mind does it take to catch criminals? A criminal one. We have all seen corruption get exposed in the ranks of the police. But you never see the real heavies, higher up. Imagine how absolutely depraved these people are. From what I have experienced they do not care about anything other than serving very special interests. Human life means nothing to them. They will kill anyone and stop at nothing to get thier way.

They enjoy being in power and having THIS much tech, human forces and other goodies that are definately up there with crimes against humanity at thier behest. In this kind of mess, the boys in the US military might actually be more disciplined and just that the sick feds. At least the military and the cops may have their own brotherhoods- sort of their own codes of behaviors and honor considering they are both ancient in existence. I dont think the feds have all the power or I wouldnt be sitting here.

All of this nonsense is being used to cover up for the implementation of the NWO and mass mind control. I actually had a friend who showed me paperwork saying that the feds did the exact same thing to him and thats when I realized that some one is doing the exact same thing to Targets, except its covert. Trying to make gang stalkers out of Targets by systematically beating us down, knowing those of us that are mind control Survivors, thinking they can beat us down.

And the claim that they tortured him by proxy is outstanding. I hope that gets into everyone's case files. I have now posted two instances of gang stalking that is being brought up by people other than persons who identify as TI's who are calling it other things but its the same thing.

Its not about getting information- ITS ABOUT CONTROLLING PEOPLE. Whoever is behind this is absolutely obsessed with it. And they are insane about constantly expanding thier networks. More and more and more victims becoming spies for them or harassers. DONT TELL ME THAT ISNT PART OF A NEW WORLD ORDER TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT OF MANKIND plan for humanity. Becuz no one should be that obsessed with ever expanding networks of humans unless they wanted to control the entire world...or at least the entire US.

Just consider the huge amount of people I have documented in this blog over years that perform harassment and other horrors on TIs nationwide. You have a country that is nothing but that nowadays. Just total scum working for the fed in some way.
And torturing innocent people is what they are calling National Security or anti terror.

When in fact I have documented that WHOEVER IS DOING THIS HAS BEEN TRYING TO PRESSURE ME INTO AN ACT OF AGGRESSION OR TERRORISM. Trying to drive me or frame me up to doing something like that.

This country sucks ass. Its a nightmare. Its an extremely evil empire. I wish I had left during Bush or before. Its the absolute worst cancer on the planet and if this is what they are doing to people on record it certainly accouts for how sick they are off record and unofficially. The feds and other entities are out of control. Threatening people's families and bribing people, just so they can add one more person to thier network? No way I am ashamed to be American. I have been duped long enough.
The country as it was does not exist. Its no longer America as I was born into it. Its completely out of control and run by serial killers and rapists who hide from the public who are more than happy to comply.

If you arent careful they will keep you living on the old American dreams and strings of FALSE HOPE forever until you just live your life away in this sort of dream, being delusional thinking you are helping your country and your fellow citizens when in fact they are totally in agreement with the corrupt authority.

So they basically manipulate people like me to keep us busy thinking we are helping whatever true Americans are left and there will be a return to the true America but its just to keep us out of the way WHILE THEY LIVE GREAT LIVES. How long have I been at this while people gently smile in my face mocking me? While everyone who betrayed me went on to live great lives and I have suffered and struggled begging and sleeping on the street and neglecting my health?

THE UNITED STATES IS NOT MY HOME any longer. It hates me and it has abused me and the people involved have done nothing but keep me down for the best years of my life and most people here dont care or think its ok.

Unlike the guy in this story I cant sue. What am I going to prove? All I can do is leave and become as anti American as possible becuz this is not the real America. Its the scumbag new America and anyone with any sense has ALREADY LEFT.

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  1. You covered alot in this one. Things I am still trying to figure out is if America was ever what people claim it to be. I think of history and the witch hunts, and think maybe the ones that were burned werent the witches and the mobs doing the burnings were actually the witches performing blood sacrifices. Were all the wars fought for freedom really just that? Is g.stlkn part of the destruction of any freedom and rights for people, by the people who hate America to get the masses to hate it also? Understanding how one could grow to hate America, I still question if America is the culprit or is it the people who are successfully, purposely ruining this country. Most people in power are not truly American at all going by what they stand for. I think the true American spirit
    is of the old wild west before marshals and law took it over, and there is no one that I know in office that would support that lifestyle, not that it could even be achieved without the earth going off its axis blacking out all electricity, because technology would disrupt any true freedom.