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Monday, April 23, 2012

JFK Assasination Deathbed Confession Ignored By Mass Media

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Anonymous said...

And that would explain part of the cover-up circus that stated with Oswald being shot in the stomach to silence him.

I noticed during Bush there seemed to be a proliferation of documentaries that attempted to "prove" that Oswald was the lone shooter. They'd have all these diagrams explaining the seat positioning, and they went to great lengths to "prove" that a single bullet could hit both the senator, by going straight through his back and then shattering Kennedy's skull after exiting. It was so ridiculous. They had this clown trying to explain everything with diagrams. I wanted to yell out "hey genius, explain why the car's interior was cleaned out before the forensics team could get their hands on it".

They really think everyone is stupid. There was so much "hand waving" going on.

The only problem with this? COMPUTER ANIMATION IS NOT THE SAME AS RAW FOOTAGE OR EVIDENCE. This looks like they are using computer animations to fudge things up a bit. So was the graphic artist working for the system I wonder?

Dismiss all evidence that shows otherwise.