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Monday, April 9, 2012

Shah Of Iran

I dont know why this appealed to me just now. Its just nice to listen to a political figure who isnt a side show circus act.

At the middle of part 6 they criticize him not believing that the Iotola could have pulled this off himself. Yet EARLIER IN THE DOCUMENTARY IT CLEARLY STATES THAT CARTER GAVE SUPPORT TO THE IOTOLA.

I think he was NOT a heridetary king coming from a long line of royalty.
He pushed the country too fast.

It seems that the same things happen in monarch ruled countries that happen in democratic ones. Being TI's in the supposedly free democracy of the United States Of America we have experienced these same methods of control over people who argued with the Bush administration and its special interests.

And how can you have democracy with a very oppressive Abrhahamic religion in control? No seperation of church and state?

The statement of the CIA man in the book linked here sums up how our world works, that 'they' got 25 years out of the Shah. Which isnt bad.

That statement has always haunted me, in a much deeper way than any PTSD or running over of memories of what has been done to be daily since 2003. Insights into reality like this are everywhere, but the public chooses to ignore it.
I keep thinking of the way 'they' use people. I have seen this system keep people tethered for life. Keeping them targeted, surrounded by handlers and then, if the time or circumstance is right they simply become expendable.

Before people criticize him for only throwing out illusions or fronts of his power as a leader one only has to look back to the first part of the documentary. A 21 year old tries to save his life and his position. It was most likely then that he began being used by the powers that be. Who slowly formed him into what they needed. Knowing the way 'they' operate, they even probably forsaw the revolt and return to oppressive religous rule, which I am sure 'they' were fully prepared to profit from, after profiting from the last phase I am sure.

We need only apply THE SAME CRITICISM TO BUSH. Who did not seem to have a genuine bone in his body concerning his people or his need for thier love or approval. Theres far to many videos of his father crying and the whole family crying over each other. He has his and his own kind. His party and his people.

Bush also commits the worst crime of making out like he is a true leader or dictator when in fact he represents special interests.

However, I cant feel any sympathy or romanticize him as I can the Shah.

There is a such thing as an artfulness of being, to living as a human for the time we are alloted. Often its how we do things and the state of our world being conducive to BEING human that makes a life memorable or leaving all involved feeling there was a quality of life there.

To be treated as we have been by these last two administrations, really beginning with Reagan,has been an insult to the human being, as a creation, an artform and as an animal.

Something so processed, so corporate, so business as usual, so without soul has gripped the nation is seems that people dont even know they are the walking dead nowadays. I see it everywhere however.

Its one thing to live through horrors and to at least be able to look back and say your life is one interesting story, which included living in a certain time frame of history and quite another to be cursed to wandering around in brain washed shock for what feels like all of eterenity. Its like we've all died and gone to hell or been cursed. The powers that be are not allowing for any true emotion to exist concerning the events of the last decade and beyond. Its a constant game of silencing, covering up and pretending. Ignoring the truth and those who want to look at it closely- so that we know at least we are alive.

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