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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Michael Jackson Murdered/People Turned Into Puppets

This is why alot of famous, talented people end up either being targeted into submission or snuffed out completely.

Once they wake up or decide to break away from the abusive industry, they reveal much more to the public than just the industry's corruption and means of control over people. The information they reveal would threaten to begin to wake the public up to the general scam that is pop culture to begin with. The industry puts out material meant to keep people interested, imprisoned, consuming. If key people or famous people with alot of media muscle begin to become spiritual, drop out of that world or worse- reveal how the tricks are done- it actually could threaten the entire society at large. So much control of the population is achieved through media, through the entertainment industries.

These are inconsistencies the system cannot afford. Remember, when looking at it from a Luciferian programming perspective its ALL MATH. Its all geometry it always about perfection. Its a structure, a system. Just as with an alter, a programmed person has a master programmer within that can 'kill' off an alter who has stopped functioning properly thus THREATENS THE ENTIRE SYSTEM to break down if they continue to break down.
So the alter is destroyed just as if it were a person. Thus, PEOPLE who are programmed as part of the Luciferian system are killed or attempted to be destroyed or made a non threat to the sysetem at large. The difference from a human perspective is: ALTERS are creations within a human being that can be destroye without much loss. PEOPLE are actual human creatures where there is a great loss if they are destroyed simply for now being out of 'order' or in line with the perfect order of the Luciferian system.

The Luciferian perspective or that of the system at large?- That there IS NO DISTINCTION BETWEEN ALTERS AND HUMAN BEINGS. IT IS BELOW AS IT IS ABOVE. To the controls and authority of the master system there is no distinction. Remember this...mindset only understands math, perfection and is emotionless. It only seeks to balance, put in place and keep its structure together and PERFECT in a world of very changing movement. EVERYTHING IS ACCOUNTED FOR.

This is what makes being targeted so hard. The Luciferian programming system has no malice or human hatred or emotions. You dont really feel anything...humanly viscous towards you when you are killed off by pre planned programming. Human 'emotions' are simply utilized to force you as a human being to kill yourself. BUT ITS NOTHING PERSONAL.
That is whats so confusing for a programmed person who becomes targeted. The Satanic types or whatever they are who come after you seem to want to keep you alive but...remove you from this world of impersonality and emotionless programming and action. They desire that you get pissed and care and take things personally. They torment you in a way that only hateful human beings could achieve. The Luciferian programmming system doesnt 'hate' human beings, it uses them for its ends. Its function is to keep achieving this mathematical pefection, this state of balance if you will.

Thats why I dont trust this theory about the NWO being about Luciferian groups and Satanists as Luciferians. Their level of hatred is far too personal, petty and disgusting really for them to seem truly interested in perfection. They are arrogant whereas the Luciferian system is just does what it does without human emotions. It actually contains alot of elements of making things painless for humans it is utilizing or it seems to work so slowly compared to normal human affairs that it doesnt register as normal human 'pain'.

It almost appears that humans in power have decided to try to create thier own Luciferian type system without any true connection to any entity that creates, destroys or keeps order like the 'Luciferian' system does.

I still dont understand it. Why humans do these things. When the Luciferian system destroys something or someone it does so out of trying to keep a system at large functioning. There is nothing emotional or personal about that. Its much more peaceable and...desirable compared to what I have had to experience these past 10 or so years having to deal with the full on hatred and arrogance and venom of humanity.

It would be far more desirable to die of suicide programming than to be murdered by humans in these awful ways or beaten down into just an average person like so many of us have had to deal with.

Anyway that is why such people cant be allowed to wake up and defeat suicide programming or then if they do, move onto being spiritual. What I dont understand is why so many of us were starting to defeat suicide programming to begin with. Its perhaps part of the human experimentation. I was told that whats been done to me is to see how programming breaks down. So who are the programmers then???

I much prefered to be compartmentalized with a full internal world and to slip away without even bein conscous of what was happening to me than to be abused for years the way I have been to basically have so much brain damage and total lack of being allowed to have stimuli or education that you become like an autistic person.

Wasnt it those idiots years ago I posted that some moronic Satanic group was claiming there were 'Latter Day Satanists' and they wanted to see if they could create mind control slaves by causing so much brain damage that they actually caused an Autistic state? They claimed it was for sex slaves but it seems its for whats going on world wide. Its posted way the hell back there somewhere, it was some bondage group that were really extreme and got shut down but thier claims sounded very parellel to whats going on on a large scale with behavior modification of terrorists (overtly) and with people with high level programming (covertly).

They are basically creating people who are so wiped of any personality or brains that we simply are like a blank slate mentally most of the time and simply do as we are instructed via the technologies and the gang stalking perps.

At night sometimes close to 12 midnight I really try to reflect in my own mind and all I can get is that its blank nowadays. Memories only occassionally float through my mind. Usually I can tell that the memories I do have during the day, are put there by the tech system, or a psychic whatever they use, becuz they come out of the mental 'darkness' and they are flashes of memory and the speed and how they come out are very superficial and not natural.
And they always connect to some ideation or some suggestion of something the system wants me to do nowadays (namely get a lawyer and sue for the believable stuff, which I am being hounded about repeatedly daily in this location).

But at night I wish I could go into my mind the way I used to be able to. And theres nothing there. Its blank. Like a blank slate. Theres no inner worlds, no dimensions, no inner life at all. This is especially depressing after 12 midnight when the tech stops usually. At least one can be at peace and things are....of the timeline or they way they are supposed to be finally, at least for 6 glorious hours. But the damaged mind never recovers from years of this.

If I do every get to dream its unusual. Has been for years. When I do it reminds me of my former life before this system took my hostage and wiped my mind and made me into basically a puppet that it pushes around daily and tries to make do what it wants or designs me the way it wants.
Even my fighting the system is used to make me a fake doll for whatever reactions it wants me to give.

THIS IS WHAT GANG STALKING DOES TO PROGRAMMED PEOPLE AND EXPERIMENTEES. Its not evil and its not funny nor is it vindictive. It just makes people who were alive into living dead puppets.

The Traveler persona I have is an alter thats been created out of trying to have some kind of life while going through this. It is not who I really am. Who I really am is wrapped up in being targeted and I cant tell anyone about that can I? And as long as the tech exists so strongly in some locations I am just a puppet. Even my anger is used against me.

In locations with less control than Boston, I may be able to exhibit personality traits in reactions to my environment and situations. Still the real me is trapped back there at 335 Washington Street Brighton and will be forever as long as no one allows me to be truthful and gives me justice to truly play out what really happened.

Considering the NWO is all about using this system to control the minds of the public, change the timeline and basically have these assholes play gods, thats never going to happen.

Isnt it interesting the more they push for lawyers and nonsense like legal action, the more it postpones me working on my expose? Once again diversions.

Much of the time I feel like my situation is just entertainment for very rich bored sophisticated people who like the fact I write this all for free and they can experience whats happening to me. Like its a great story line for them, not a social injustice they should do something about.

Another reason most of the human world sucks and is worthless.

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