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Thursday, April 19, 2012

MA New Police Chief Is Familiar

Didn't know MA had female police chief as of 2010.
I looked it up and realized that I know that face. From somewhere walker on in this campaign. From where I don't know but shes familiar.
It could be becuz her look is very common

to this area of the country.
This is getting so creepy.
I don't know if a female in power makes a difference or not.

Shes right about the pedos that got busted in kiddie porn one of which was a TSA agent. (No bad experiences with them as at airports they dont mess with people outside their posts. I've.never experienced any problems with them as a TI or homeless person.)
She says these are our neighbors. Its true....but one has to wonder how much progressiveness and selective busts are done so the connected and important people don't get busted.
A TSA agent is pretty expendable.


  1. Each picture looks like a different person, and that look is very common in the northeast. The top picture looks like a very nice lady, and probably a fair person in her work. I don't know about the other pics, like I agreed that is a common look. I have met very nice people that look like her, stalkers to me tend to look more like the bottom pic. But not the top pic, I never been stalked by anyone that looked like that. In the middle pic, I don't know, middle ground. Never met her though so who knows.

  2. Kinda looks like Sandra Rinomato.


  3. The comments she made about the pedos being our neighbors is a bit alarming, because that's usually the way to get people nosing in to other peoples lives. Also it is also how they get people to join in on the groupstalking by planting seeds of the target being a pedo. Women in general have been brainwashed to think, and always fear they will be victim of a serial killer, or pedo. In actuality what are the chances of really being victim of that. It disrupts natural selection, and helps groupstalkers become the desirable ones. If a target is pushed to the point to appear crazy, or wild eyed with a temper all women will fear them, in affect giving the groupstalkers the benefit of picking their mates because they appear to be the trustworthy ones.