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Thursday, April 26, 2012

What Is The Perception Of Being Mentioned On This Blog

I wonder how embarrassing it is to be featured, mentioned or even have your music used on this I wonder sometimes what is the perception of the public or specific groups. Does it mean anything? Is it ignored or is it credible? Or is it just thoroughly, horribly embarrassing?

I assume I was supposed to just go die somewhere and allow all my destroyers, detractors and betrayers to just go on with pieces of my soul passed among them.

I think not. I will do what I please on this blog. Its the only place I am allowed to do anything really. And this isnt my doing is it? Believe me, the book is going to be much much worse for those who deserve it.
But you realize...I bleed fairness. Nothing comes out unless its fit to do so. And I give respect where its due and credit as well as criticism.

My destroyers dont want fair- the want WIN.
It doesnt work that way.

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