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Thursday, April 5, 2012

DARPA Wants To Control Soldiers Who Want Revenge On System

Strangely this capacity already exists. How else would they have known when I got my settlement from that moldy apartment I was looking up doctors in Oregon and overseas that would perform euthanasia on me as I did not want to commit suicide outright by myself at that point for some reason.

Someone observing my internet communications knew this becuz gang stalking websites were put in front of me when for years before I never saw anything like that on the internet when repeatedly looking up stuff like "police harassment". All I knew was cops in uniform around Brighton and other areas were overtly stalking and harassing me. The GS system had me convinced I was such a horrible person I should commit suicide. And of course I wasnt aware of the tech then which manipulates emotions and mental states.

Also this might be used to frame Survivors for instance. Say that your status as a recovering mind control slave of high level programming was hidden from people doing this sort of surveillance. All they are told is that you are a person of interest, that you exhibit signs of being a risk etc.
All of your 'behaviors' can be categorized as risky yet what the observers are not putting into the equation is that you are not only suffering from whats already there internally but you are BEING FRAMED UP DAILY and forced into such actions via outside influences, like the multiple parts of the GS system have to force a person, a TI or a Targeted Survivor of mind control, to behave in ways that will register them a threat.

I've had psycho perps (they all seem very crazy, like they arent even normal humans.) just look at me (Port Huron MI) and tell me from across a restaurant that I was a "ticking time bomb". While sitting with thier group of course.

Yet, all I wanted to do was go to a therapist, get hypnotized, fully recover the memories that were coming in bits and pieces as well as get through some programming mazes of sorts, to 're-program' if you will, then become a counselor doing small art projects on the side. How is that a ticking time bomb?

And you know what? If there IS any programming sequences left over within the internal programming structure(s) then why does the TI need to know this? Why must some half crazed agent or whatever the perps are, turn to the TI and terrorize them by telling them so?

Becuz I have experienced the fact that internal programming sequences left over within the internal programming structure can be removed by this system. WITHOUT THE PROGRAMMED PERSON EVEN KNOWING IT. You are aware of someone or something going into an area and removing something but you never get to see what it is. Such as in programming with castles and knights, a tower with a guard in front of it, this system, can break into that tower and take that sequence out-remove it. All the Survivor 'sees' internally is some force breaking into the tower and removing an object. Its kind of distressing to sort of see its a programming sequence. Remember, programmed people are child like human beings who exist in a world of internal programming, believing that the way its set up is reality. It is, internally anyway. For this system to do 'psycho surgery' or extraction like that, in such a surgical, intrusive way is extremely distressing. Like it only adds to you wanting to commit suicide.
(To this day I would love to know exactly what that sequence consisted of. Its even more distressing that I had something removed, that only turned out to be numbers and was never real, but also that I can never see what it was. Its like an abortion-from the mind. And you never get told what it was about. Its part of what makes Targeted Survivors eventually go insane. Along with years of torment from Gang Stalking and cover stories. I have to say the original programmers for all their being evil enough to program children in the first place at least afforded thier subjects some sort of healing energy while doing the programming as well as amnesia of what they did. Whoever was doing this horrible surgical like forced deprogramming during Bush are horrible awful people who dont care about the Surivivor as a human being. A HUMAN BEING. Take that literally. Not a robot, a BEING. They just dont care. In fact its like they get off on all the horrors of it.)

Totally outrageous things like that happening- is THAT something that people doing this survellance are going to be informed about. No becuz no one cares about the reasons why people lose control or become homicidal or suicidal. Just like our society wont face up to why people need to take drugs or psych meds. They only care about handling the 'problem' with clinical approaches that are sterile and technical.

So this system is going to be used to handle all the fall out from the most vile classified projects. As usual.

I think people dont care what happens outside the walls of thier little worlds- even if its unjust or illegal or whatever. As long as black projects bring America success and thier high quality of life, then thier security services provide protection from the ill results of that.

Its just like Americans wanting illegal vices but then villifying the drug dealers, sex workers, criminals that make it possible- and cheering on the legal system and prison system for protecting them from it. Even though they benefit. Without looking at thier own DEA or military of course.
Thats why I am in ill health on my last legs out here. People dont care. They are all greedy animals.

And the more I Google 'DARPA' the more insane thier future looks for them. Its totally out of control. Add to all this info you can plainly see on the internet with the content that survivors of black/classified projects and covert actions brings forth and you have a complete picture of what the powers that be are really up to. From my perspective its very alarming. Its enough to make me wish I had committed suicide in the beginning when this started.

I dread to think of reasons why they would want me to get sick and die instead or to go through years of torment then commit suicide now.

No one believes that theres that much evil in the world. You need to understand just how insane DARPA and its contractors are. How out of control technologies are right now.

And how all these idiots in the public who support the actions of Gang Stalking are just half retarded peasants to the people behind these things, and they are using them to help destroy anyone who knows whats really going on in the total picture. For people to believe a cover story instead of something much more sinister it shows that humanity is hopeless to begin with. Look at the way they live. They pollute themselves to death daily and dont even care. They arent worth saving I have concluded.
But others like me and people who are intelligent, creative and talented but dont want any part of whats going on out there right now with ALOT of intelligent, creative, talented people. People are being marketed that being selfish, evil and selfish is the way to flourish. That being elite by that definition is the only way to survive.

Any0ne who knows they are better than the idiot masses out there, who help target TIs then suffer in a McDonalds from a lone shooter but are still too stupid to make the connections-if you arent one of those people and you are aware of the world take over from companies that are way to big now and unanwerable to the public, a military that now runs the world-then all of my work has been for you. Even if I dont survive hopefully others will.

Becuz its unfair the advantages the bad guys have right now. And often they believe they are the good guys or are posing as them. Plenty of smart, talented people are being destroyed or mobbed becuz they wont wear black and red and work for DARPA and take on this ridiculous Satanic thing they are marketing as a successful predatory edge. Its not about Satanism its about total conformity. THATS whats scary. Its about not being able to be left alone if you arent interested.
They want every corner, every mind, every inch of this globe. If you dont conform to this level of horribly average and boring Satanic culture being marketed then you'll be dumbed down if you are smart enough to see through it or smart enough to be a threat if you dont get with it.

They dont have a right to take over the whole damn world and that is what they are going for. The military now covers the globe. Our military.
I think its rather odd to be forced into only two choices- either become totally Satanic or become a Christian. This is ALL psy ops. Its capturing hearts and minds in the typical way a military would. They need to win, they need to competely get thier own way. Military people dont think like normal humans. And the people behind these actions and these projects arent normal anyway.

THEY MAKE THIER MONEY OFF OF A DEATH CULT. THEY MAKE MONEY OFF OF HUMAN DEATH. It shows how stupid the public is out there when the dont consider that when reading about all the neat-o stuff that DARPA is coming up with. They're stupid- f*ck em. At this point I only want to reach people who are like me but perhaps not being targeted yet or are targeted becuz they wont give in. Or like myself are left behind evidence of the worst black projects rooted in Project Paperclip so have to be destroyed.

Its the worst shame to see a highly intelligent person have to go out like this. DARPA IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. Its not humanities friend. It serves only the elitist jerks who think they are better than everyone else. There would be no reason for anyone to want to see Survivors targeted into death unless they knew that other human beings were being treated as slaves.
Why should they care? THEY MAKE MONEY OFF OF HUMAN DEATH AND DESTRUCTION. Why wouldnt they keep slaves or approve of mind control slavery??

The average person is so totally brainwashed its hopeless. I have talked to a few former soldiers and they know of alot of the guys that are turning against the system. THE TECHNOLOGIES IN THE LINKED ARTICLE ARE TO TAKE CARE OF MORE VICTIM WITNESSES TO CORRUPTION AND THIER CULTURE OF DEATH.

And you can bet the public wont care becuz they enjoy thier enslavement, due to thier lower intelligence and creativity or whatever the problem is, and only want corrupt authority to provide for them and then protect them.

We have all been left out in the cold. The child who speaks up against the family has been kicked out into the cold while the kids who get fed and go along with whatever goes on to keep the dysfunctional family going are going to help the authority figure destroy us and insist we never existed.

Did you think that humans were capable of anything other than forming tribes or re inventing family relationships on a large scale? Even the smartest people in this arent that smart. They are holding down human evolution so they can continue with the way humans exist as animals. That is what all dissidents in this are up against. And there isnt much hope they are going to change.

As for the soldiers- I cant blame you at all. I just wish that we had stopped this back in the 90's when we saw companies taking over society and a police state forming. We tried, some of us will die trying. Just remember that DARPA and a-holes like them are going to win. No one is going to acknowledge you or especially people like myself from black projects. They never do.

Humanity is hopeless. But its fun to get revenge if you can and help others who deserve to be helped.


  1. Gangstalkers were holding their breath blowing their cheeks out while walking near me to trigger me to have an insecurity of odor. They seem to know opposing forces learned of this technique, so now they touch their nose with their pointer finger and thumb. Non linguistic programming, but like I said before when their families are victim of violent crime, and I can help , you bet your ass I wont give a damn.

  2. Lots of shows have psy-ops. I can't find one that doesn't. I was watching the Mentalist. They're investigating the death of a teacher. Interestingly, the principle looks like Urban Meyer (another staple in their mind games: lookalikes as part of psych warfare). Turns out he has surveillance cameras hidden in the bathrooms where he can see the action in his office. Also, the murderer is nothing more than a female drama teacher, who is caught making out with a 16 year old male student in a football field. The teacher who is murdered catches them and threatens to tell on them, turn her in, but she sneaks up behind the snitch teacher and knocks him dead with the bat. The Message I suppose is don't snitch on perps else you will get killed. The female's teacher has a rationale under questioning where she says it's OK to have an underage lover because she was in love, but was not a repeat pedo sex offender. A hidden message, I know it was. Meanwhile, people in this system are getting full protection from the major perps who are full-blown repeat sex offenders who were not and never will be in love with their victims. A slap in the face of victims, because the bastards are flaunting the fact that their offenders never get prosecuted or get reduced sentences for selling out targets. Bastards.