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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Supermarket Harassment Tonight Gets Me To Recall A Primitive Human Past

It really eased up after I posted that. Shaws used to co exist with Star Market and other stores locally. Purity Supreme etc. But Shaws seems to have bought up everything and now has a monopoly in the metro Boston area and beyond. As u go outward there's Roche Bros (nicer than Shaws) and Market Basket (cheaper and more simplistic). Of course my tastes run the latter two. I can't stand Shaws. Its so....middle. Even the way it looks is like suburbia and working in an office. As a peon.

The color scheme as of their take over a decade s now primarily beige with details in orange and green. Light and bright orange and green. Its like a giant antidepressant mood stabilizing pill. Its awful. U could not feel more average if.u tried.

My heart got ripped out when they destroyed the old Waltham Supermarket or my grandmother would refer.to.it as the meat market. I loved her still.using 'icebox' for refrigerator. Awesome.

Waltham Stupid Market though in later.years.was a.bit of a.goof for locals due to the bizarre basement store and the canned announcements of the "Waltham Supermarket basement store special"

someone should have.l had the mind to declare its.interior as a historical landmark and protect it.

It had.these huge size paintings on the top of the walls along the front entrance of the store. HUGE. It was of different ethnic cultures hunting. It stated that the store was "your happy hunting grounds".

To be able to be exposed to artwork while shopping is just amazing. Especially comparing gathering food that way to getting food via hunting.

This is an extremely dangerous concept nowadays as the shadow system and the corporate culture's main goal is to trap the population in false environments.

U r not really supposed to reach the primitive hunter within only express.these urges through playing video games..another false environment.

Those paintings made me imagine freedom. Self sufficeincy. Action.

These are things not allowed to inflame the imagination nowadays as people may actually imagine then realize.

You are supposed to be hooked up to a computer to manifest things you create mentally. Not tap into unbelievabley powerful human primitive energies and places within the human brain.

I think the movie Altered States http://m.imdb.com/title/tt0080360/ is one of those that takes.from real life. Especially the CIA having a history of utilizing hallucinogens and isolation chambers for human experimentation.

Add to that the finding made public recently that every ethnic group outside of Africa has Neanderthal DNA. And there were other kinds of humanoids as well.

One can.imagine that this info may have been already known classified years ago.

Perhaps the Nazi rooted trying to create the Super Soldier is trying.to tap into our primitive past especially say Neanderthal DNA to find out what qualities we can exhibit when forced to live primitively. How they can access and then harness these incredible strengths or whatever is provided to help the subject survive.

They may also be trying to find out what makes some.of us indeoendant, hard to control, sympathetic to our fellow man, self healing, psychic etc.

To where these qualities come from and to then seek to best control such people as they are a 'problem ' compared.to the rest of the population.

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  1. So much for me being able to stop visiting this blog, I have been reading this blog for so many years it is part of my life now. I can remember reading it in every season, I remember reading this blog in the spring time years ago and now it's springtime so it sparks memories of years ago. I can't believe how many years, I've learned of you when you posted that first video, and here I am still. I do wonder how things would be had I never found out what groupstalking is, I am sure knowing helped me though. Knowing gave me a confidence, and a strength to fight. I initially found out about them in a craigslist post of mark rich's material, than that led to finding you on youtube.