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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Harvard Crimson Newspaper With CIA Ad Banner

Its just too good to not post.

Just looking at the graphics without the text is enough.
Yes, Harvard does suck. ("And we'd better say so while we still can", LOL) Yes I know the article has nothing to do with my subject matter. Get over it. Its the banner I am focusing on and yes I am stealing the title and poking fun at the complaint against censorship before I drag them into the mud here. I do exist still in the world of accepted reality and I never got a chance to go to college and never will, so I dont know any better do I? Ha

I cannot find one Internet result that lists any abuse groups there, any Satanic connections or anyone talking about secret societies that are powerful and abusive.
Hundreds of years of history and nothing. Censored much?

You have to look up connections to CIA human experimentation that was unethical like MK Ultra and other work they've done for them as well as the Unibomber where an independent psychological program with unethical human experimentation was what the Unibomber was part of WITHOUT HIS KNOWLEDGE.

I have experienced they are doing the same things now. And now they have technologies available to them that can be used to monitor subjects in public spaces, which is what I sensed was going on when I was hanging out in Harvard Sq Cambridge the past few years.
I also have experienced staff and onlookers from the university at their homeless shelter being part of this not all the time but definitely during late Bush early Obama. Even later their main concern was to watch certain subjects to ensure they were under control or not going to be a problem for them.

They are absolutely obsessed with ensuring no one finds out about these things. I have experienced that at the shelter I was observed by students as if I was being watched to ensure I would not be a problem for them, as in taking legal action or going postal or whatever one might do in LOGICAL REACTION to what THEY DO TO THIER VICTIMS/SUBJECTS.

Thier main focus always is to not get caught. Obviously they are operating with the blessings of the CIA, military and the government as well as whoever is in the private sector like DARPA or corporate.

If mass mind control has been implemented across the nation nowadays, then it stands to reason that they would be involved in such a classified project. They are documented to have taken part in this manner with certain agencies before.

And its not like they are going to reveal this information about what they are doing to individuals becuz no one is going to reveal to the American public that mass mind control is being used on them.

Which works great for them becuz to claim mass mind control has been implemented nationwide makes the individual victim's story alot less believable. More feasible, but the public are going to reject all these claims becuz they dont want to believe their environment and they themselves are controlled through such means, if at all.

I have been tormented quite enough by Harvard and in some of the most arrogant, cruel ways imaginable. Harvard is now off limits to many people like myself. You cant sleep anywhere. Most of the people there are now on heroin or speed called MadMan. Its as if they wanted certain types of people out.
And Ive been around long enough to tell someone is purposely pumping drugs into that area. Thats been obvious since last summer.
Maybe the spoilt rotten scum at Harvard now want to study only drugged out alienated youth of a certain age then. Its interesting that Harvard Sq draws so many alienated youths, The Pit being the main spot where they congregate.
Its perfect. Then operatives and perps can operate within this area easily finding who they want to make contact with. And the entire thing can be observed and documented in various ways like the cameras around the area on top of buildings or hidden ones either on buildings or on people.

I felt very observed when I was there. I recall once that this kid is part of the crew there. He is handicapped and has seizures. Its all the result of a skateboarding accident as a kid so a bit of brain damage.
He walks funny and talks slow with a speech impediment but his personality is cool. I distinctly recall that when I first made contact with him, when I met him in the Pit, that becuz I immediately treated him as normal and didnt reject him, that whoever was observing was surprised by this. Over time whoever does this observing realized that I dont reject people with defects as long as its not thier fault. In fact I recall that being a conclusion of the observers. I certainly would not have worded a self assessment that way. In fact I WOULDNT BE ASSESING MYSELF AT ALL. I WOULD JUST DO WHAT I DO BY BEING WHO I AM FROM GENETICS AND ENVIRONMENT FORMING ME AS THE PERSON I AM.

The only thing they can do is discredit people like me who can somehow tell whats going on as well as I have a pretty good pedigree with my mother being an radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra, and my being considered expendable, powerless and easily discredited due to my involvement in adult entertainment as well as a cover story easily applied that I was targeted due to my ability to testify and as its been put to me "put alot of people in jail for life" in regards to the sex industry in Boston.
Their only answer is to tell the public I am a schizophrenic. Mentally ill like the Unibomber.

And whats so much worse is that maybe Harvard does just do human experimentation and such and torment people like me, deny me health care or harass me while I am in thier hospitals but since the Unibomber acted out as he did and I have experienced being pushed to react much the same way or at least to 'go postal' this means that the actions of every university in this area are connected to what goes on with a Target in the rest of the nation. Everything that has been done to me to get me to snap in the rest of the country is connected to what Harvard does to people.

I have to say that I experienced in the last few years, some people involved in this have remorse for whats been done. There is some faction who seeks to repair the damage and abusive disrespect applied to me. However, since this was done through the same methods it really doesnt help does it? Its most likely thier efforts to try to get the subject back into a normal life so they can move on AND EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THESE THINGS NEVER HAS TO DEAL WITH BEING EXPOSED OR HAVE CONSEQUENCES.

So since I also have experienced Harvard taking part in such experimentation then its safe to say they ARE involved in things linked to MK Ultra and Project Paperclip.

Becuz I am not just crazy. My mother did alot of work on that case and talking to the Dept Of Energy for a time, planning to be part of a class action lawsuit and to give testimony. Whats interesting is I recall them telling her the details of her being a radiation experimentee but she never mentioned mind control.

Looking at the videos of the President's Advisory Committee its clear that the victims were working with therapists and lawyers. Under those circumstances it wouldnt make sense to deal with the Dept Of Energy becuz they helped to perpetrate the original crimes. I can only assume SOMEONE WAS HANDLING HER FROM WITHIN THAT AGENCY.
Though people around my family and outsiders think my mother is tougher and more shrewd than I, I know from experience she is alot easier to handle than I am. Handle as in get her under control via making her believe she has control. Deceiver her, baby her, coddle her. I have seen people handling her over the years, and its really sick. You can just look at thier eyes and see what they are doing. But she doesnt care, she's such a damaged child that she will go for whoever seems to be supporting her and she's desperate for power type person. Its always been as long as someone impresses her with even the most shallow shows of possessing worldly power even if they are conning her, that she will latch onto that.

If someone at the Dept of Energy finally listened to her, and promised her some sort of action be taken on her, and my, behalf it would have been quite easy to keep her from the other activists who were delving into the whole picture which is of radiation experimentees being used in both types of experiments.
And from what I know about my mother's life, our family, the military, my father's situation and my own life and experience- this is certainly the case with her.

So she is intimidated but handled. My father is discredited and labeled. I am silenced by being so abused and targeted. (I dont really know if I am discredited, something tells me they have to work so hard becuz I am NOT at this point).

They always cover all thier bases. They never pay for what they do. They always get away with this.
Its obviously becuz the powers that be want to have this experimentation done for the control of the populous as well as the original idea of trying to built the super soldier. With that behind you, protecting you from exposure, when you are working for THAT, its not like they are going to get exposed anytime soon, becuz it would be like a thread unraveling.

They always have to discredit and destroy victim witnesses. THE NWO DEPENDS ON IT.

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