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Monday, April 9, 2012

When Men Stop Defining Roles For Women, Then We Will Have Freedom

And what are we and the military trying to do over there? Convert people to Christianty. Take the veil off of the women and Americanize everything. (Though Female Genital Mutilation is never addressed which is a hell of alot more deserving of destruction as a religious practice than mere clothing).

Its never women you hear these debates from. Becuz as women,to be honest, we would hold a conversation that reveals our feeling imprisoned both by western definitions of us as well as most likey oppressive Middle Eastern religious ones.

As a Westerner sometimes I wish for a veil on certain days. I want to hide, to have privacy. To not be on display. To be protected.

Other times it seems that the women over there are oppressed by such modesty but what does the West have to offer? The worship of sexual objectification and the basic American ideal that your beauty is finished at 35.

The last thing we need is men deciding for us what we should be wearing or what kind of freedoms we should have. ANY MEN. Every time they do this, its always some sort of prison. Some sort of exploitation. Whether veil or stiletto, they always define us in thier worlds. So there is no such thins as freedom really, in a man's world which, today more than ever, is what it is. There was hope- from the 70's til the 90's. But any freedom women think they have now seems very much gone to malecentric military dominance around the globe and obessions with militancy in our entertainment culture as well as obessions with security and law enforcement.

Male oppressors are now framed and marketed as heroes. Tough love for a nation that cant protect itself from bad guys yet if you do your homework you will plainly see these ARE the bad guys.

Brainwashing people into believing any and all of this as normal, good or decent is what is most shocking and utterly disgusting. Making living in this era particularly horrid.

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