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Sunday, April 22, 2012

When You Get Rid Of Judeo-Christianity, Make Sure To Take Islam, Psychiatry and the Military Industrial Complex With You!

Understand that science is also full of humans that are deceptive especially since the powers that be and special interest actively and routinely block findings that dont suite their agenda.

Psychiatry especially biological psychiatry is very very dangerous. Its a part of the Deception. Its not sensible to reject a spiritual god then embrace psuedo science. Given that choice I'll start wearing a Yamukah myself.

Psychiatry and the sciences right now are such a money making industry and they dont seem to have much oversight. TIs and people who have been victims of psychiatry over the years can attest to the corruption as well as lack of very sick, unethical people not being put to justice.

This is part of the Deception. There ARE such forces of good and evil in the world. Dont think they dont exist. Its simply that religion may not be practical any longer in its current forms. But to base a world on hate and how sick the sciences are right now with serving the military industrial complex and especially psychiatry being completely out of line, is simply to blindly reject a spiritual 'god' for something that may indeed be reflecting the deepest darkest human 'evils'.

Dont think that science can replace the need for spirituality. Humans need religions as they are now to reflect on what needs correcting in thier nature. Science does not do that. There is no oversight. And the oversight that is supposed to exist does not.

Whats going on in science right now is as corrupt as anything the Catholic or Jewish religion ever came out with.

Humans are incapable of being..wholly good at all times. As long as mass mind control is possible and being used at all on the public then the sciences are not exactly being completely honest with humanity. And I dont expect they will be. What religion was ever completely honest with its people? None.

What humanity needs to do is to asses exactly what it wants in a new world and stop allowing powerful people with special interests to make those decisions for them. And we need a better understanding of how the worlds of science and technologies are fooling us and are corrupt in much the same ways that religions have been for centuries.

Don't simply trade tyrants. Becuz that is whats happening. Shedding religion might have worked for what people are trying to do circa 1995 or so but after Bush and these technologies being put into place in western nations now, this same action is now very dangerous.

We are not shedding religions to be free of them so we can work on a truly evolved society- NOW we are shedding them so they can be replaced by other institutions that are deceptive and have far too much control over humanity without oversight.

"Asked by USA TODAY about the consequences of the decline of religion, Buttiglione said, "If we ignore our pasts and try to create a Godless society where things like money or ambition or property are worshiped, then the society loses. ... It is a battle we are fighting at the current time."
Its so weird to be on the same side as some of these religious people but NOT be a Christian.

There is a battle to prevent such a society but theres more going on than it just being godless. And a 'godless', materialistic society wouldnt be that intolerable, if it werent medicated and under mass mind control and normalizing torture. There is a difference between a 'godless society' and a living Hell on earth.

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