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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another Example of Why We Should Return To European Belief Systems And Abandon Israel and The Middle East

First of all anyone who is a soldier or any militant like a policeman is partially clinically insane with criminality and violence anyway so consider who you are dealing with ALWAYS in this life while in the flesh. Just think of them as the more ape like version of all us genetically enhanced apes and their basic function is to protect and serve- sometimes the public but often thier powerful masters. If you can get them on your side its a good thing if not expect behavior that goes along with thier mindset. People in militant jobs are not like normal human beings.

Secondly this is like a bad night in Boston or a bar fight. Its nothing compared to what the militant forces did to us here during Bush in all those protests. Part of Obama's function is to make us forget all we were outraged over with diversions like threats due to racial issues and his peaceful way of doing things- by being sneaky, racist and 'handling' the public instead of Bush's more direct approach of 'this is the way it is and if you are not with us and against us you work for the terrorists'.
What? He tapped some peace activists on the head with his gun. Its called getting pistol whipped back home here and unfortunately the victims probably cant seek revenge the way one would here against the pistol whipper. And being peace activists they probably wouldnt take that route anyway.

Thirdly, I expect nothing less from this glassy eyed, hook nosed, olive skinned mad animal. It is a very bad quality of Middle Eastern peoples it seems to be radical, violent, uncompromising (haggling? Over every purchase??) who like to fight. And with Israel they have taken all the random DNA they picked up from around the world (that they will claim til the death with thier childish Creationist theories of human beginnings, that they did NOT pick up elsewhere. Yeah, there's so many naturally occurring Polish blonds in the Middle Eastern deserts. Gimme a break.) and have added all of European people's worst traits and added that to their diverse gene pool.

I have absolutely zero patience for anyone who bases a government on a religion. It is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard of- I dont care WHAT religion it is. Its insane.

And I think my feelings on invading Abrahamic religions and thier influence on European peoples for thousands of years now is well documented on my blogs and social networks.

The Middle East should be like Vegas- What Happens In The Middle East Stays In The Middle East! My slogan. And stop boring the rest of us with what goes on.

Human animals steal and take land. Its what humans do. And with what I can see going on internationally as far as the NWO, who the f*ck is anyone to claim Israel isnt behaving like a member of the international community? Israel is doing exactly what all the rest of those bastards are doing, especially America. THEY JUST DO IT OVERTLY AND ARE OPENLY ARROGANT ABOUT IT THEN CHILDISHLY RUN TO HIDE BEHIND THIER GOD AND THIER BOOKS.

All I see in the "international community" are people who dont have the balls to finally get Bush and Blair and company for war crimes or even touch on the realities of mass mind control or the targeting of dissidents and continued human experimentation. Until American institutions, agencies, and scientists and psychiatrists are all tried under international laws for MK Ultra, other similar crimes and continued abuses, no one should be saying anything about how f*cked up other countries are in the way they run thier affairs.

Israel is being used as a Diversion. Also I am sure that the "international community" simply wants Israel to get settled so it can install a zillion towers everywhere and pretend to be civilized and peaceful while actually committing the same crimes only doing it sneakily and covertly like AMERICA and EUROPE are doing.

You'll watch this and be in awe but you wont listen to or even you hate on people from around the world giving testimony concerning the 'gang stalking' system?

Maybe the powers that be NEED this ape to go around having his sadistic fun in the name of his fantasyland bashing naive peace seekers on the head, as a Diversion. When are people going to learn how this system works?

DECEPTION. That is how it works.

There is no such thing as peace on earth. Humans are not capable of it. If such a thing were possible the populations of the world would have to be reduced and not by genocide or poisoning or sick methods like now but by people acknowledging that births need to go down in extremes and that medical science needs to be curbed in saving EVERYONE even if it means a life of suffering. It means that quality of life would need to be considered. It would mean that the powers that be could not be in charge of such an undertaking as they are now, lying to the public about a system of world peace when in fact its enslavement they seek. Peace on earth would be based on true and genuine understanding of one's fellow man not forced obedience based on a system such as Diversity, Equality etc. And NOT under any sort of false control like technologies, chem trails, or psychological coercion.

Peace is meaningless if it destroys what it means to be human and to truly LIVE. Being human is exactly what this hooked nosed animal is doing. Its part of life. If you want to stop it then peace must be desired by those in power and that is not the case right now.

As far as I am concerned Israel and thier cousins can blow each other to hell. Laughable. The way they behave is totally insane. Thier methods are effective surely but so is all brainwashing and intimidation and cartoonish behavior. Fooling humans that have been lied to by OTHER Abrahamic religions for centuries isnt really that hard. Good luck with that. Marley said it best when his lyrics read "You can fool some people sometimes/But you cant fool all the people all the time/So now you see the light/ Stand up for your rights".

But if you do, dont be shocked like a school girl if some f*cker bashes you in the head with his beloved m-16 or whatever it was. It looks like this guy's rifle IS for fun not just fighting.
This guy probably lives to pull this bullsh*t on whoever he can. Who CARES what he does or what goes on over there. Seriously.

Look just let Israel take over the whole f*ckin' world. Then when they are the overlords, we can totally validate a rebellion and get rid of at least ONE Abrahamic religious oppressor once and for all.

Lets work on all three however whenever we can. Becuz they are all monotheistic, malecentric KING worshipping pieces of fairy tale that should make any self respecting adult realize they are fabricated. In fact most of them are not only fabricated or at least embellished facts turned into legends then added onto again- all of at least Judaism and Christianity are 'borrowed' from other religions more ancient than they.

We all should respect religious freedom, but when religiouns start to become a preoccupation and the infighting between them becomes a Diversion then its time to reconsider that NOT wanting to deal with other people's religions at all is a form of religious freedom. Yeah, freedom from all religion! At least ones that get in my face too often and DEMAND my attention.

Do you see me with children? Or a husband? WHY? Becuz I dont want something in my face all the time taking away my independence and ability to be rational and robbing me of my life by sucking me dry of Life Force.
That is what this subject matter does every f*cking time I have to look at it or hear about it. Even being targeted part of what they do to you is force down your throat via repeated attacks that you HAVE TO choose between Jesus and Satanism. Its the most ridiculous thing I have ever had to live through.

If your Abrahamic God cant sort out this mess after so many thousands of years perhaps its time to get rid of him? Every consider that? And I dont mean sell out to some NWO Satanic bs with one world religion or getting rid of religions. I know that eastern countries have their differences and fight over religious matters but the whole frickin' world doesnt need to know about it like every day.

Abrahamic religions of late have taken to ruling our lives not through dogma and belief but through constantly bombarding us in the media that we should give a shit about them. Judaism, Catholicism with thier new ads meant to suck strays back into the church as well as the pope being creepy as hell and all the madness from right wing Christians. Just look at cable TV. No one religion should have that much air time! If people want religion that bad they will go to church.

Its all used for cult mind control. But its not as artful as it used to be. The con of religions years ago was an artful process and in fact, Catholicism's main con is utilizing some of the most beautiful pieces of actual artwork from Europe ever created. Nicest ad pieces ever.

NOW these are cults that demand your attention through bombardment. Or media bombardment about whats going on in Israel. By constantly forcing these issues down your gullet, they are actually validating the existence of such belief systems.

Believe me, if Middle Easterners didnt have this to argue over they would find something else! Was there ever a peaceful time of prosperity in the Middle East? I dont know and I dont care becuz I am not Middle Eastern.

Unfortunately, via Abrahamic religions now all peoples under such belief systems are sucked into being Middle Eastern by proxy or belief systems originating in those regions.

And as usual who has lost thier identity the most of all peoples? EUROPEANS. Whites are so damn lost by now that we may never recover who we really are and where we come from.

We think we are from some Middle Eastern god figure who's half Italian son came to die for us in a creepy human sacrifice ritual and then some whites seem to also act like Wiggers as well which only adds to the complete effacing of any identity left in the double helix.

STOP allowing other regions of the world to define who you are. It is NOT who you are. Unravel thousands of years of oppression and realize what is really there. A true Nature based on your own people not other peoples. Stop looking to the far east when nothing in the Middle East seems to fit well enough.

We may share Neanderthal DNA with everyone outside Africa and we may have passed through Asia and the Middle East on our way to Europe but we are NOT Asian nor Middle Eastern. Its like Americans trying to lose weight and wondering why nothing works. Its becuz you are not being honest about why you overeat to begin with or facing up to the system that ensures your failure. You cant loose weight in a system that shows you an ad for weight loss then shows you ads for restaurants.
The system is not really behind you to lose weight and you know this but you cant divorce yourself from the abusive parent in this dysfunctional family becuz its the only one you have. Its normal. Its what everyone else is doing. Its where everyone American belongs.

The system wants you to spend money on the weight loss system and on the restaurant then probably take anti depressants for how bad you feel then pay for a medical procedure to force weight loss. As long as you keep putting up with this kind of abuse and not admitting that Capitalism without decency has become a genuinely sick society that FOSTERS SICKNESS as a way to keep making money, you will always be confused and looking for things as far as the earth spans and never really feel satisfied for good. Religions, cure alls, self help, therapists etc.

The fact is that humans have always been fucked up and violent and unpleasant. And society is now claiming to do something about that but in fact its a lie as usual. The New World Order is being pushed and formed by people who lie about everything from who they sleep with to who they have murdered to get where they are today.

I will not spend the remainder of my years being concerned about a bunch of half insane desert dwellers with Slavic, Russian and Germanic DNA who think they are the smartest most clever magicians on the face of the earth but strangely resemble thier Arabic cousins in how fantasy addicted they are and who like these cousins enjoy being radicals and fighting and arguing forever and ever and ever without end.

I have 20 more years, hopefully. Thats it. After that you really cant do anything anyways. I will not waste one minute outside of being targeted to waste time as I have no control over that, on bullshit like this.

This is why I am targeted and made to look crazy. Becuz I know how the deception works. And I know that I have a RIGHT to not waste my precious life being concerned about people thousansd of miles away who dont interest me or arent helping me in what I want to do with my life but becuz some dead son of a false god supposedly is connected to them in some way. Theyver got all Christians believing they are Jews. THAT IS WHAT THEY HAVE DONE WITH THIS PROPAGANDA. Think about it carefully. If they tell you that Jesus was a Jew and you believe he is your father, then..?

You may be angry with 'the Jews' for things they pull in society here or there but you will always be bonded to them via religious belief. EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE NOT GENETICALLY MIDDLE EASTERN.

We should not accept Africa, we should consider Africa. Becuz Africans can teach us alot just so long as we dont become Wiggers believing we have no identity of our own. Blacks can teach us one thing for sure when it comes to this subject at hand: Give up your slave name or 'government name'. People of European descent should start perceiving the hold on them that Abrahamic religions from FOREIGN REGIONS have on them and even their names.

Why are you living lives set forth by Middle Eastern dwellers when you are European? Taking thier names and thier belief systems as well as subconsciously being convinced you are bonded to Middle Easterners when in fact genetically or culturally you are not?

Face up to the fact that our government and the private sector only care about the Middle East so passionately for oil, opium and tactical placement and for other worldly reasons not becuz Jesus was Jewish and we need to pray for peace there.

If you are concerned about the Middle East be so for the right reasons, becuz they are human beings fighting over land so bitterly its sad etc. But stop getting sucked in on a spiritual level.

You have the right to have independent lives. We need to break free of the tyranny of Abrahamic religions and all that goes with them.

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