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Friday, April 27, 2012

Remember this particular 7-11 has been involved in some very hardcore nasty harassment.over.the years. Perp groups large ones.with very overt members.would come to Kenmore and.just beat me down years ago.

There is an African male working there who during this period was talked into gang stalking.me by one.of the pros in.the gang whispering into his ear, literally and figuratively speaking.

That male from.then.on wore a bright red t-shirt to work everyday where as he had not before.

This is also the 7-11 that is right next to the daycare for slightly handicapped kids 'Kids Are People Too'.  It's the place I had been harassed at.and.documented.for years as allowing Joe the old black (former military)  drunk to sit out front for hours and pan handle and this crack.head.black woman-anyone black but no.one.white. The school's employees specifically targeted me. And the employees at the 7-11 were in on it too. I've documented that as well.

The school.is plainly run by African Americans as well as caters to their children.

Joe has openly spoken about my gang stalking case and.said "It never.should have happened to begin with" of what happened in Brighton but then other times he vehemently denies gang stalking exists. "Gang Stalking doesn't exist." Then how do you know about it then?

Upon seeing me return homeless year after year Joe.now.looks.sheepish and guilty. Another dumb ass.who believes the cover story that local.cops are the sole reason for my homelessness and the original campaign.

Hes one of many locals who just doesn't get it. I've had informants in the Harvard Square who reek of being cops come.over.to.me without any introductions and blurt out "Why ya still homeless, Rach?" So you know my name?


I am still alive becuz I always had it inside me to know what the people behind this are about. They are much nastier and sick than any local crooked cop could come up with.

That's if he wasn't trying to make me think that they are that naive. I've seen some media psy ops material.that suggested that the storyline most likely consists of these.local.idiots being told I was only.going.to get a fraction of.the campaign I got. Which is probably true..or.maybe not. The perps are ultimately decievers. They play.off peoples weaknesses and blind spots- like local cops and others who think they are powerful enough to put a human being through a controlled situation that's potentially destructive.

The gang stalking higher ups will eventually show them they don't have control at all. Its their way of punishing and overpowering such people, its a way.of punishing the betrayers who sell a TI out- even though this is what they need for.the campaign I think.they still find the little people- the mob and locals in power, to be distasteful for their cowardly actions against another human being usually a much weaker and vulnerable one.

Even though their assignment is to destroy the Target one gets the idea over time that a strong smart individual TI.that fights them and has real moral value as a person is respected by them much moreso than.the weak, mobbing average people who sell us out.

I've experiemced that the public are much easier for.them to fool and use whereas the Target is targeted specifically becuz we posses some sort of strength that makes.us a threat.to the system to begin with.

The aversge people involved in GS think.they are dark and evil and bad ass but truly the serpents are the true perps- the trained agents and worse- people like Eddie Cox...

And of course the Target themselves.

Only we know how very potentially dangerous the other is. Eddie Cox was more cautious of.me.than.any.of these jerk.off untrained field agents. Becuz being a programmer he knows what I.am made.up.of.and what I would be capable of.

To.the untrained people its.just a big joke. At least it seemed that way throughout. Low lifes thinking I was weak vulnerable.and.this was all just so damned easy.

Eddie Cox (Cajun Mafia, programmer and alleged Satanist/pedo/ child killer) is dangerous becuz he possesses the knowledge and skill to be dangerous.

The public and the dupes in petty power positions are dangerous becuz of them mobbing together with other average people and their naivety and stupidity get you killed or captured by this system becuz THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TRULY SICK EVIL BLACKHEARTED PEOPLE LIE IN WAIT THROUGH THE HALLS OF THE REAL POWERS BEHIND WORLD AFFAIRS.

They are the joke. And they are used repeatedly by truly evil people by being kept in the perception they are badasses due to ganging up on one lone Target. Whom they have no idea the kind of torture and torment we go through to be end up where we are usually.

They are so stupid that they can.actually be convinced.that a sex.worker will end.up logically in the same position as a heavily targeted Survivor of programming.

Why would a mere sex worker attract.so much attention? Or sustain so much damage?

Logically it doesn't make sense. But this is why the sex industry is kept in.the dark, not legalized and.the public really not understanding how.it works. The perception of sex workers is kept to sheer hatred- a constantly perpetuated moral judgement so that it can be used as cover stories for such horrors as RA, programming and human experimentation.

Why in the 21st century would society still hold such perceptions? Becuz these illogical ways of thinking are needed to cover for things so awful that the public outcry would be tremendous if the public found out. It.keeps the Target hated so that the real story never gets through, no one wants to believe the Target and they are not percieved as Targets at all but merely the kind of person.who deserves their fate due to a label.

It works especially well in.countries that are conditioned to be denied sex but are given a lot.of violence instead. Also are war mongering and have a high quality of life due.to exploiting other peoples and nations.

Such a country has such subconscious guilt or.is trained to feel they have the privilege to have gain due to violence that they would rather penalize scapegoats  people (sacrifices) than to.give.up or pay.for the things they have gained through ill gotten means.

America is easily such a rotten place. Their being shown they are only allowed to exist by certifiable total psychos is one of the only small pleasures I've experienced throughout.

Hopefully my expose will bring me any other revenge.

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