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Friday, April 13, 2012

Boston Always Isolating Me-Worst Tech To Deal With Nationwide And Subtle Constant GS Also

Its the same always when.I come to.Boston. There is a nonstop effort to destroy me. To isolate me from any contacts or.good people around the USA I've made contact with. A constant non stop focus on all the bad that's many years ago.

Something keeps making me believe.that everything I've accomplished away from my hometown is nothing becuz it.was.just to take up free time I have from having my life destroyed.

I keep getting reminded.of what I could have had and been. And since that's gone everything my trying to make up for that.

That all the people know.across.the country don't matter becuz they were met as a.way of diverting from what I left back here.

What does.this system want from me? If they why did they not subpeona me instead.of destroy my health and try to drive me nuts, label me and then drive suicide?

Why is it so important now to sue everyone involved? Or give information?

I don't understand. to my betrayers if I give up information (by suing) or if I leave the country they win.

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Kevin R said...

I think what your mind wants to do is account for the MAJOR losses you've acquired so that you can just move on from them and continue your life. The constant harassment makes this extremely difficult to do, but I've determined it's the number one battle to be won. I've been using this for help but it is difficult to say the least: