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Monday, April 23, 2012

Finally Found What My Paternal Grandfather Did At Raytheon

Wow rough posting yesterday. Honest at least.

So I found out what my father's father was doing for a living at Raytheon:

Why would my aunt lie to me and all of his children and himself omit not only that he worked at Raytheon but that he did technical drafts for engineers? Why did they tell me he was a carpenter growing up?

I find it rather suspect that not only is Raytheon in my mother's ancestral hometown of Waltham but that my grandfather was a draftsman there and the foster home I was sent to the father there worked at Raytheon as a janitor as well as one of his daughters was well to do becuz her husband worked at Raytheon, what he did I dont know. But his kids were screwed up for life save one.

When dealing with MK Ultra especially connected to the military as it is with my mother's parents both being US Marines and her being a radiation experimentee at the Naval Hospital in Bethesda Maryland, everything has to be considered. These are military contractors and they are NOT above reproach. Theyve been sited in the past for corruption pertaining to contracts.

Perhaps my father's family was just greedy, selfish and didnt want to have to share any wealth with me. Which is odd becuz my aunt was showering me with material things when I was 19, which I wasnt ready for, as long as she could control my life. They again lied to me and told me to come live with them and they would send me to art school. I got there and she then said that I would be going to business school becuz "Thats where the money is". And her husband, a financial advisor, told me to work in something I can tolerate for the money and then use that money to do things I like on the side.

Real nightmares. Needless to say I subconscously wanted out of that so badly that I created a 'situation'. I crashed their car and since they didnt have any children they flipped out. I was free was all I could consider.

And the entire family was...just weird. They had all these issues. As if they were in possession of a massive amount of...power as in creative power but not expressing was making them mental. My aunt especially.

And my grandmother seemed nervous, in denial and that weird family of hers, all these Italians who looked like me kind of. She introduced me to some guy in sun glasses and a suit telling me he did Secret Service work for Kennedy. I dont know which one. At the time I though JFK but I thought he was too young. I didnt even consider Ted or others. And that Chappaquitick incident may have put Ted in the pockets of some very sinster people who probably claimed to 'help' him out of his situation.
Rumour has it that the CIA drugged him, set that entire thing up and even filmed it. They would be that tasteless too. I then considered that the politician in the GodFather who was set up and blackmailed in the same way is an example of how this can work to get legit people 'in your pocket'.

Also my mother kept telling me her mother in law would brag about her family being in the Mafia. So here we have Secret Service, the mob and a military industrial complex contractor.

Its just too close. And they dont seem to mind thier son, my father is half out of his mind. If he worked for Secret Service wouldnt he at least be AWARE of my father being targeted becuz he spoke out that my mother and her family were part of a secret govt experiment involving the military and the CIA? (Which years later, her records of being a radiation experimentee proves that he was correct).

Also my paternal uncle, Ron was just weird and kind of really scary like cold hearted as well. Menacing. The other brother is a science teacher. I seem to have scientists and artists in my families. ALL BLOCKED ARTISTS. Except for my grandfather becuz obviously he could take his draftsmen job and branch out.

And what are some of the qualities that the perps look for in female mind controlled slaves, especially couriers who have to photograph information mentally? Artistry, creativity and being highly verbal (which would be my maternal grandmother, certainly not my paternal side).

This system routinely and systematically keeps the people they are controlling from becoming artists especially music or studying math.

I dont understand why they would have to have lied to me about his job. And why they acted so weird. Unless they are hiding something. And whats with trying to trick me into business school. They whined about me crashing that damned car for years but as far as I am concerned, a 19 year old kid's emotions need to be considered instead of material things. Its one of the incidents that this system used to show what a selfish and horrible person I am most likely.

Come to think of it, there was an incident with a perp during Bush where they used information about that car crash that ONLY I WOULD KNOW, THE PEOPLE AT THE GARAGE WOULD HAVE KNOWN OR MY PATERNAL AUNT AND HER HUSBAND. It was used basically to let me know they were watching me and know things about me even back then.

Screw you, still. I really dont care. Of course you would know about a second generation experimentee, you selfish, heartless pieces of garbage.

And I am still going to get you. Laugh it up now, and revel in the fact you think I have no power. Becuz your position wont last.

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