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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Disturbed While Sleeping

The girl in the couple I squat with has become a monsterous selfish bitch since last I.knew.her. Bratty is fine.but disrespectful and so.selfish is just disgusting. Shes a psycho.

She wakes up everyone whining that shes not comfortable. It all seemed on purpose. Just as she wakes up coincidentally someone goes by hissing something from a megaphone from a vehicle. Proabably a bullshit cop as there are plenty of useless crooked or arrogant and greedy fucks like that in Boston.

I ignore all this becuz I have experienced it a million times before.

They pull the same shit repeatedly. They can do little else.

Though I like my friend shes really too selfish for the health issue experiencing right now. And I that nasty shelter.

Oh and the governor is still a little bitch of the Boston matter what you do.or.say.

Obamas little.buddy. Bush then Obama and during Bush Romney was governor now Patrick.  Both our last two governors were the president in this way.

I know MA is pawned and owned basically. But at one time years ago this place was a real place. Home. My home. Not.some sold out haven for all sorts.of specially interests with an obsession in being 'world class'. It was already world class due to its very nature.

I refuse to give up on that. I take what I can of what used to be.

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Anonymous said...

At least now you've confirmed everything content-wise. Like early this morning, like 3AM, I started getting tearing in my eyes, like someone was making me cry physiologically via tech. I was not crying mentally, however. Someone was forcing a crying via tech. I could tell it was fake all the way.

Except it's done via in person psy-ops in my case. Like I'm supposed to be weak and inferior compared to members of the opposite sex, and this is combined with said members also acting really tough, snooty, territorial, and domineering.

And some regions where I'm driving seem to have odd or spooky psychic impressions to them. Like I can feel some presence there that is controlling.

And again, I rejected the content just as you have, as more phoney baloney. In-person psyops doing things like showing me they're strong or dominant physically. Again, I just dismiss it as I am very strong, and if I am not stronger than the person doing psyops, I still have intangibles, things that can't be quantified (like spiritually etc.) that make me superior to the person.

We targets are a lot stronger than they. Just reject their psyops as more false controlling BS. You figure, if they (human psyops) were so strong, then why am I a target and not they? Also why would they not just be content to be strong or superior and not have to show it to a person being contantly bombarded 24/7 with all kinds of controlling tactics? I can tell the purpose it to demoralize and break me. I tell myself all of them are weak compared to me.

Also, it's interesting my uncle was being manipulative and having the other relatives gang up on me at the Thanksgiving dinner, in the light that his son just landed a nice job with the government. Now I understand why he did it. I will have to continue teaching part-time, with my students doing things like leaving class early to get me in trouble.