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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mossad Agents Posed As CIA Agents everyone going to admit that Israel gets.its.way? If the powerful Jews don't like you then they are allowed to do as they please. If they are threatened by you in some way.

I had many instances and still do of Israelis involved in my being targeted. A lot of what they do seems based on this so called mythical stereotype of their intense hatred for any gentile with power who they are threatened by specifically spiritual power.

The Jews in power are dangerous many of us feel not.becuz of untrue stereotypes but becuz Jews have a country called Israel that does not seperate church and.state. Their entire country is based off of a religious believe. Their communities are governed traditionally by a religion and their spiritual beliefs.

They seemed particularly freaked out by my having an innate understanding of programming.

Perhaps the kind that might create suicide the kind that would serve on either side of their own conflict. The Middle East is the origin of the word Assassin. Hashassins-drugging people and conditioning them to believe promises of the after life were much more desirable than anything they would gain on earth.

And how viscous are intelligence agents going to be when they are doing what they do based off religious and ancestral beliefs as opposed to being more geared towards just serving their country.

Also laughibly I recall two things that happened where I was being told basically that I was persecuted by this system becuz I am part Iranian and don't realize it. One perp made sure to inform me that Italy was closely associated with Iran, after.I stated I was part Italian.

Abrahamic religions are dangerous to human life. They do nothing but oppress women, keep human potential down and force people to worship an unseen king.

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Mike said...

Are the Jewish Israelis with power and control really followers of "Abrahamic" religions, or do they more follow the talmud, kabalah, and other ancient egyptian gods, or do they follow the Bible?