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Monday, April 9, 2012

An Interesting Excersise In Viewing Political Figures

What is this hypnotic power that these Middle Eastern people have when they speak? Its like an exacting of timing, facial expression, gesture and especially some glittering of light in the dark eyes. That along with the voice has a snake charmer quality that is dangerous if you arent aware and paying attention.

Yet we see this done, alot less slick and with alot more evidence of frightening pure evil in modern world political figures..AND thier family members:

Even without the obnoxios overbearing 'I am the boss here' style. Insulting people is possible when you are the savior of a nation totally freaked out by terrorist attacks, I assume is what gets this under the wire.

The most telling interaction should be observed by the viewer clicking off and on from 2:36 onward.

Hes got a combo of 'I am dealing with a female' going on here. Yet its a younger female so not a threat. Yet he shows some insecurity becuz this is an attractive, dark female.
At 2:42 she still holds up the innocence mask. He stops to consider the question. (At the end you will hear him claim he enjoyed this. To him its a game to be aced, not journalism. An excercersise).

Strangely at 2:43 and 4 his voice is gentle. I do have to say her delivery of the question was not straightforward or clear as it could have been.

At 3:11 we get the best of a smile. Shes the only one to get such a response and such a facial gesture. NOT at her own expense like the other two hes interacted with.

The absolute most creepy moment is very quick and will need review a few times.
At 3:12 her voice can be heard again and it obviously annoys him in some way. right at 3:13 he blinks. He is switching modes.
He then throws out a look that connects to her deeply and is sort of intimidating. What is most compelling is something within HER reacts to this 'trigger'.
She begins to respond by smiling but its her one significant blink at 3:14 that I noticed. It shows her going into a response to this look of his, this new face hes showing.
Once hes got her under control,or at least has bonded with her, a definitive slight smirk can be seen.
After he claims he's enjoyed this, slow down and keep clicking. Just watch the facial expressions throughout his exit.
Pure intimidation. Darkness. And the smugness of a man who knows that these people are firmly in his control becuz they are afraid of him and his. And what they have done.

Now you dont see me talking about 9-11. Its more of the demeanor. And it is disturbing he claims there was a TV set on. It might be he is overworked, very tired. But theres more to it than that.

Truthers get targeted into looking like schizos. Like targeted internationally like most TI's. Yet, people like Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones claim to be Truthers. So whats the value of that? Every where you turn the covert factions in this have the everything covered.

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Anonymous said...

I definitely get the same sense of what I got from reading about Vlad the Impaler when I look back at Bush. So cold, dark, and calculating. And so much fake concern to cover it all up. He comes across as being quite cold when he talks about the terrorist attacks. And yes, that is alarming that he says there was a TV set on when he witnessed the first plane hitting the tower, yet there was no live footage of this. This tells me that he had some advanced knowledge of the attacks.