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Friday, April 27, 2012

An Employee at 7-11 Kenmore Looks Like A Mr Atifi From Iran

There's this wiseass over at 7-11 in Kenmore Square Boston. I know I recognize his face. But from a job where we.worked together, where I saw him everyday not just from some other place of business.

He may have worked at the Dunkin Donuts next door to this 7-11. But the memory of him is something more intimate than a short casual few minute long encounter...but NOT something physically intimate or of that nature.

And he's been extremely defensive towards me from the beginning of recognising him at this 7-11.

And he is unusually rude to me as well-leading and tryng to get away from the subject by calling me baby and looking me up and down.

He seems very defensive and always tries to blow.this subject off. Like I am making trouble for him.

Yet this is upsetting to me becuz I recall that during my knowing the past from wherever, he was polite with every interaction.

If it was just the Dunkin Donuts then why are my memories.of him consisting.of working with him?

If he was.employed at 7-11 or Dunkin somewhere.else he was polite and now hes very rushed and rude. I recall he wouldn't be the kind of person who would treat me that way in our last interactions.

There was this place I worked for, a furniture store in the Arsenal Mall that was there for a short time. It was.owned by PERSIANS as they described themselves.

And one.white older Irish woman.was their accountant.

The owner was a woman named Hanoush or Anoush. Her father was a wealthy man who ran an import rug business.

The whole scenerio of working for.them now looking back just reeks of gang stalking. I was made manager and I really wasn't qualified. Of.course I was

There was a real weirdo who was former US military working at headquarters office in Southie. And Hanoush's male relatives- a young guy who had this odd habit of opening his eyes real wide intermittently and they were bulbous like in hyperthyroidism. And a bit older skinny guy with glasses and consistently bad breath who did all stuff as he was IT I believe.

After the store closed they had me headquarters to waste my time. Fat Hanoush was doing this to please her father so he'd get off her back becuz she quite some schooling for a professional career.

Everyone who worked there in now looking.back.seemed off especially this skinny Spanish gay kid.

The person who looks exactly like the guy at 7-11 was a man who managed the store for Hanoush and her family named Mr. Atifi. the one who.told me a story about living through the Shah of.Irans time and then Iatola's regime where he accidentally wrote an address on an envelope as one would during the Shah and the police took him in for questioning.

He also is the one who told me that "we are sleeping. Everything is planned for us..." as far as the way the world works.

He also once told me of pricing items that "The people must be misled..." another piece of advice about the way our world works.

When I questioned him just now and mentioned the Atifi name and Hanoush he was wise ass enough to repeat back the correct pronunciation of the word with a heavy accent.

He actually was focused for a moment when he did so as opposed to the mocking shit he'd been.doing.

I.asked.him where he was from. He.kept using this black woman who works in there as a lean to divert from the conversation.

He then.gave multiple locations of origin even claiming to be from China and being distasteful enough to stretch his eyes back. None of his claims included Morroco which is where the worker from Dunkin Dounuts was from that I with next door. Also that employee was considerate, gentle and kind to people. Not the same person.

Then again I did have a lot if weird sympathies from Middle Eastern and Morrocan types up until recently which may have changed becuz I.have been dissing ALL Abrahamic religions and claiming the Middle East is THIER problem not the world's.

When I went to go get something down the aisle of the store he leaned into this fat black lady and with this evil look at me was saying something very nasty about me. Making fun of me.

Yet this is also not what I recall about the Morrocans who worked D&D next door.

It would be however the reactions of someone who was very defensive about not wanting his past revealed.

I could be mistaken. He could just be that other D&D employee and has had a hard time so.hes become That just doesnt fit though.

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