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Sunday, April 29, 2012

I've Met Survivors Of Teen Modification Programs Very Similar To Forced Deprogramming

You know what? I had a person close to me once who was a survivor of one of those programs. And it did nothing, X became the biggest pot.head ever and almost suicidal with eating, drinking and taking downers.
I didn't really put it.together till now....but X's parents must have known X was abused by a family member and wanted X to not act out or start talking.
After X became a mess they always coddled X and gave X whatever he wanted. X felt smothered by X's mother's codependence who also wanted to keep X down as an artist.
One day while X was very stoned I got X to talk and X revealed it was a gay family member but not someone of the immediate family.

I often wonder if this wasn't a lie and it was actually someone closer. Whatever the case X's parents would do anything to keep things as they were and blame any outsider that caused change instead of looking at themselves.

Now I have seen multiple examples of this as a way to keep victim witnesses quiet.

Multiple survivors of the teen camp version of this control method claim they were abused at home and seemed to be just acting out or gay and their parents didn't approve.

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Anonymous said...

So I guess the deal is that all they have to do is agree to the Agenda and/or what's being done to us and they'll be "safe" and they won't be touched by the system? That seems to be what the deal is around here. Also, they get free entertainment to boot. I think they are only happy and "safe" because they are brainwashed. Part of this is they don't know the entire Agenda or what it is really about, and they also don't know they can have some bad things happen to them because of their agreement with the Agenda. They are walking dead people. What they are doing is giving the Powers even more power, handing over the powers to the Powers as it were. And that could be bad for them. What if the Powers decide to kill them off, just because they can? And they want to be passive or go along with the Agenda, handing them even more power. They're too busy hating targets to think about consequences like this. Probably the hate is yet more brainwashing. I don't know why they hate me, but I know it doesn't matter to me. I'm protected, and they're not. We all know the system does have people protecting us, but since those other snooty/asshole types are really being used, anything can happen to them. We are of interest to them, not the average piece of crap.