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Friday, April 20, 2012

Use Of Mind Reading Subconscious Thoughts And Emotions

Modern security measures and spying are all about information. Controlling things about.manipulating that information.

Twisting it and forming it into how they want it to be and with a desired Target even if that's not the way it really is.
What I am curious about is are these natural psychics or are they created by other means like technologies, chemical.enhancements or genetic engineering? I guess.the latter is the least obvious.

This geographical location has always been noted for having perps take actions based on what I seem to be thinking. Usually subconsciously.

One.asshole two years.ago.when winter was coming wanted to me in the Coop at Harvard and was.very adamant
He wasn' type so I rejected him of course. But due to my refusal he said "SUBCONSCIOUSLY you're seeking a man". I'll never forget it.

Just his obstinacy in me telling him I wasn't interested.
And he was a real nobody kind of guy. Less.than.average regular street type man and older. Why would I go.for.that?
But he was convinced.

It stayed with me and I.didn't know why.

Later I realized that very high up in my mind, NOT CONSCIOUSLY, I was indeed 'wishing' I had a male companion with me earlier.that evening.
Its typical in this location for the perps to have.this ability. Its.just.annoying becuz its a diversion.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So you're right in that it doesn't add up. He was a complete nobody, yet he somehow accurately was aware of your thoughts. Some possibilities:

1.) They are psychic (not likely due to the types)

2.) The TI's thoughts are beamed to the perps without their knowledge

3.) They are made aware of your intentions because of their allegiance to the system, and the system alerts them as to your intentions

I'm guessing 3 is most likely, 1 least likely. I was told that TI's get their thoughts beamed to other people.