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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Watching Daytime TV-Romney Is Going To Win Isn't He

Exposed to some daytime tv just now. Some soap opera about models, the Bold and Beautiful. Everyone looks like a model but no one is sexy or attractive and acting skills especially with the men are lacking.  They all look like gay prostitutes. And men.carved out for.that standard are nice to look at in sections but never really sexy.

The ads are ridiculous. The same thing as in.the 50s these.shows mostly featuring household ads.

Disney Orlando...I can proudly say I have never anything Disney and do.not intend to do so ever.

There's not a lot of complex communication via.l language. Lots of showing us what characters are thinking with dream like sequences. Some music vid type stuff for unknown reasons.

Its not really story telling anymore. Or acting like a play or theatre.

Always since I could remember I know that anything I can come.up on my own would be more interesting.

The Talk is on now. Its s bit more tolerable than The View.

The little Jewish lesbian seems cool. But Sharon.....ohhh its such a shame.

SPECIAL REPORT: Santorum is suspending campaign.

Romney is ahead.

If Obama goes against Romney, Romney might win.

Its obvious that Gingrich is so outrageous and obnoxious so people will pick Romney.

The Talk is on again. Sharon Osbourne has become intolerable since old interviews I've seen her in. Shes trying to play this uppity English type. 

They're mobbing on Jesse Ventura. Sharon gives he best uppity act and claims no one wants to watch someone who fixes motorbikes.

Actually no one should be taking pics of celebrity kooch or getting into people's personal business anyways.

What many of us aren't interested in is a bunch of women sitting around talking shit and giving men and other women the impression that women actually act and think like this.

I now see.why leaving the country is being pushed. Its obvious Romney is going to win. And if he becomes the president of the US Targets like me might not be safe even overseas.

With Romney so involved in.helping to destroy my life I don't feel like I would be safe.

It.might be perhaps why there's this push for me to just write something or make a videotape. But nit enough people know. Its not going to stop him getting elected.

So why should it matter what I say?


  1. Yeah, The Talk is like a bunch of washed up loses who can't find work selling out to the networks. I used to think Sarah Gilbert had some integrity despite lacking in looks. Turns out I was wrong. Seems like a cool person, but her selling out by being on the show is definitely a strike. At least she's not cutting people up like Simon Cowell.

    I don't care much for Sharon, but I used to listen to Oz a lot as a kid, so I tolerate her. I also didn't care much for her remarks about Brett Favre, that he was "boring and not too terribly interesting". I guess being married to Ozzy, everyone would seem boring. He did bite the heads off of bats and doves during the 80's live concerts he did. That's kind of hard-core. Kinda gross, really. Smacks of Satanism. I'm not sure if he was playing up to anyone by doing those things, though.

  2. Jesse Ventura? Maybe it was Jesse James?

  3. I have a feeling Romney is going to get in, and life is going to get a lot more intolerable for targets.