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Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Little Guy Thinks Hes Real Big As Part Of The GS System

I hate having to run into these local types. People who have this dumbbell stupid smirk on their faces. People like maintenance at MIT. Fat fuckers just sitting there on their asses in a group at the end of the hallways on the second floor this time of night. It seems they always sit in the same place every night in the same position.

Its obvious some of these guys are totally unsavory sex offender types. Who else would think my predicament was amusing?  Either that or such simpletons are into the cultural fantasy provided them by a gs camapign focusing on a Target like me in a modern world where they aren't allowed to be openly sexist anymore.

Its hard to imagine they know anything beyond the cover stories. They CANNOT be that intelligent. The fate of humanity's enslavement in the hands of such dullards? Either their stupid sorry asses are pleased becuz all they focus on is the sex in the cover story or these batards are psy ops operatives who's job it is to sit there and play dumb.

Either way WHEN are the local people going to realize that THEY DONT MATTER? They helped a larger cause and in doing so they are helping to sell out their fellow human beings to mass mind control and a deception? Who CARES what these slobs think? Or people I left behind years ago like all those severely f*cked up rich kids in N.A. meetings or my sick family or those old bags in Brookline who simply want.to see another woman kept down becuz they themselves have allowed people in their lives to keep THEM down.

Unless you are deep into this, on either side, you're a total moron if you think you know what's going on.

How can anyone who isn't a confirmed Satanist agree with enslaving humanity? At least they have convictions.

Its these disgusting pieces of shit who hide behind being normal and Judeo-Christian good citizens that are the absolute worst. I loathe these people I've mentioned beyond belief. The truly evil ones in all this...hey. At least their price for their actions is significant.

But the blessed little public. They get away with everything as long as they hide and are part of the mob.

I hate them.

Its only the true people in society I care about. And its hard to determine who's been helpful and who's been harmful. I can't tell you the Christians involved who have been part of helping to destroy my life, my mind and take my personal power away. Nor the Satanic influences that have been helpful.

Conversely certain Satanic forces have been part of my downfall and Christians have been helpful in many instances.

Like I said you cannot judge in this by the normal ways one usually would.

But I know I hate the average people who have any power in this world becuz they are part of gs.

All I have.to do is leave the country and write a tell all. I have power not them. I can leave this bullshit.

Those fuckers will be sitting on the same benches being fat f*cks until they retire.

I wish people would wake up to the fact.most.of these seemingly normal citizens are involved in sex.rings like kiddie porn. No one believes.it. But I find.it strange that a man like my grandfather got along so well as a mailman and had more friends than his wife when he was molesting all his kids.

Its becuz these rings know the kids and the grandchildren. There are obviously cops and people in the community in on these activities and so the rings know everything about the collective victims via corrupt authorities who are in on it.

They then hide who they really are and their true involvement and then use the cover stories and any/all dirt against the targeted person to make the rest of the people in their class, neighborhood or jobs believe the propaganda and avoid the truth.

Either that.or they are.just typical average citizens who choose to focus on the scandalous parts of the campaign....becuz that's just about their taste and speed isn't it?

Most TIs especially Survivors are.so intelligent and talented that we never would have.had.to even be around people like this by now much less be in a situation where they have any kind of power over us.

Gang Stalking puts very smart people under the power of average people. This is the greatest crime.of all.

And its known by now that America has become a lawless place where these mobs control even the most powerful individuals.

Most TIs I know are better off knowing we are targeted than to be confused at all as to exactly where we stand in society. Its better to be mocked by these jealous pathetic inferior mobs of losers, each of whom NEEDS something from the gang stalking system or they wouldn't be against.us and into this, than to ever be like them.

Look how easy its been to brainwash this entire nation. And they don't want to know. They won't give up their material wealth or security to fight oppression. THEY ARE SPIRITUALLY DEAD and they NEED to live in an environment like this in order to keep surviving. The religious nuts are just brainwashed.

Every.single person in on gang stalking needs something from this system. We never needed anything from it. So they can only mock us after.their mob controls and destroys our lives. Boston especially.is.full of delusional rich losers who are perpetually protected from harsh reality and will.do.anything to keep it that way. They shoot false snobbery up their arms like junkies. They would die without.it.

Just knowing that about them makes them.hate me.

Humanity is full of cowards. Treat them as any warrior would-as meat. To be ignored becuz without each other they aren't a true threat to your Will.


  1. I can certainly relate. Later this afternoon, I was going for a walk, and I see this stupid jerk standing on the porch laughing his ass off like something was of great amusement to him. I see countless people doing this very thing, people doing varying degrees of laughing from a slight snicker, to going all out like something's hilarious. Maybe they've heard a cover story and they think they know I am getting my "just deserts". In actuality, I am being punished for who knows what. I like countless other TI's am the types that have never ever looked down on anyone, never judged. I never looked down on the people who are lessers, less intelligent or less talented, yet here this jerks are laughing their assess off at me.

    Funny how people were never like this before I was a target. Now, this is typical of what I am up against, the first dude I see is laughing his head off. My first thought is there are a hell of a lot of people with issues or they are in on something big I don't know about. My thinking right now is that they were brainwashed into accepting a cover story, and they think they are laughing at someone who is getting punished for something bad. Maybe they think they are in on something that is keeping me down, but the system is over-exaggerating the extent they are targeting me, and they think that is funny. The system probably over-exaggerates the extent we are getting beaten down, i.e. they might think we are suffering mightily when in reality we are taking the harassment in stride and managing it better than they think we are.

  2. http://www.jeffpolachek.com/neurotechnological-mind-control/2011-10-13-10-43-54/rachel-gang-stalking-2010-videos/267-rachael-o-the-little-guy-thinks-hes-real-big-as-part-of-the-gs-system