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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Womens Lunch Place New Internet Page-Black, Red and More Leftist Agenda

Note the black and red put specifically in the center.

Black and red.seems to be something to do.with Democrats, the Left and specifically supporting the African and African American agenda.

I've seen overt perps wearing bright red t-shirts for years.

The site that over half their.clients are 'women of color' which reflects a growing trend of poverty.

Yeah IN.THAT AREA. Also you can gauge a trend of anything becuz many whites and Mexicans won't go into these places and prefer to not deal with ghetto bs.

'People of color' cannot gauge a trend becuz it doesn't represent a.specific racial demographic. In fact its one of the most racist phrases in use.

What does SKIN COLOR have to do with ethnicity, cultural background or race? Sicilians are 'people of color' then.

Also many of.these women are NOT HOMELESS. They come in for freebies, to socialize and get waited on.and paid attention to.

These people activiley gang stalked myself and another woman and also mobbed another target

in a violent scene and I couldn't do.anything about it.

They are part of an agenda in this country that supports Diversity, PC and Equality not to create a better world but to assist the New World Order.

Just as.I have posted about the Boule, gangs dealing for the CIA/DEA, black pop culture being used to subvert poor and middle class whites and anyone else they can culturally as well as blacks being kept down so being house slaves is their only way up-the African American is no longer a solid trusted ally for poor whites or feminists. Not to mention thier history of involvement in COINTELPRO.

Democrats, Liberals and the Left are no longer what they once were. No political party can be trusted as.both are working together to.create a system akin to the fuedal system.

Historically also poor.whites and blacks have caused revolutions and.riots against the ruling.classes here in.the USA so keeping everyone divided with race is essential in avoiding a class war.

This place is not poor women helping other poor women. Its run by the same upper crust who does charity work all over eastern MA.

What does that tell you?

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