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Thursday, April 26, 2012

People Cooker

The descriptions of harassment are questionable and they don't include things I can really relate to generally. The details I mean. I have had a few of these things occur but remember I left the original place I lived where this first went 24-7 and continued to keep moving. The only time I had anything as bad occur it was when I stayed for six months in that hostel in St Louis, MO.

What is interesting is the claim that 1 out of every 20 people in this country has some connection to intelligence services. That would certainly explain alot. I wish the author of this provided a link to documentation for that or how he came up with those numbers.

Also, the site is compelling becuz of its simplicity. Calling this People Cooker is much more guerrilla war fare sounding than the way modern warfare is described. The military industrial complex now uses deceptive, coniving language like 'non lethal weapons'. What the hell kind of weapon is non lethal? If it was non lethal it wouldn't be called a weapon. Der.


Medawar said...

One in twenty is something like the proportion of the East German population that worked for the Stasi in some way: which does not include those who gave them information as an act of self-preservation.

It is a believable figure for the USA, especially as it turned out that more than a million people had access to the "secure" data network that Bradley Manning is accused of compromising.

So, about ten million Americans have connections with American Intelligence. And NONE of them are supposed to be FSB or SVR agents!

Medawar said...

REL the video at the top, abou Michael Aquino's mind war etc.

Isn't it odd, that the "Holy War" between Christianity and Shia Islam, was planned and directed by the founder of the Temple or Set, a Satanist cult?

We might conclude that both Islam and Christianity are intended to lose and leave the way clear for some kind of cult to impose itself, worldwide, across all cultures.