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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Jealous B*tches Assist The Enslavement Of Mankind

These c*nts dont care as long as they get to exclude and persecute someone like me who is fighting very hard against oppression.

They are so incredibly dumb and inferior by their own choosing such actions that they dont see a warrior trying to expose and correct wrongdoing- they see a better body and whatever else THEY cant have.

These of course are the stupid c*nts who cry over wars and their family members over in wars that die or just cant come home. Becuz these women are fake, drama queens and totally WEAK.
There is a reason people like me exist and we are attractive, multi talented, athletic, strong into our old age and highly intelliget: to rule of peasants like them. Becuz somebody has to be strong enough to do the right thing. These women are dumb enough to send thier sons off to die to begin with and not strong enough to question or stand up to the patriarchial cult of death known as the military industrial complex and every other part of the system that goes with it.

So they pick on other women. They are stupid.

Someone like me isnt pre occupied with competing with other b*tche becuz I know I can create my own reality and I certainly am NOT threatened by men, as I have what it takes to ace them and not need thier approval becuz they need mine actually.
This is why it has been so important to make me feel threatened by men and feel my life is ruled by them and I have no control.
America sucks for women anyway. They will never allow a perception of a female with power to exist here. Always the role is subtley undermined somehow in ways the typical stupid females are too dim to see. How can they see anything? They are too busy competing MINDLESSLY with other women.

So the NWO is going to enslave mankind becuz most of the dummies involved in Gang Stalking can only think of thier own rewards they get but also get off on thier own petty personal rewards like blacks getting to destroy a white woman, rich keeping down someone superior who's poor, women getting to help destroy and keep down a superior female etc etc.
And they are HELPING the entirety of humanity to live under tyranny through the concepts drawn out in the MindWar paper I have referenced many times already.

That is how petty and ridiculous most people are. So basically they deserve what they get. But they also are so stupid that they are pretty much satisfied with their lives as they are under this system. That is HOW DUMB THEY ARE. THEY DONT EVEN KNOW THEY COULD HAVE BETTER OR THEIR LIVES ARE BEING CONTROLLED. That they are slaves.

They dont really care about who goes off to other countries to die for them, serioulsy. Do they SEEM like a country full of people who actually care about such things? They act out caring and spew sentiment about caring about such sacrifices becuz THE AUTHORITY FIGURES AND THE OTHER SHEEP TELL THEM THEY SHOULD DO SO TO FIT IN.

Or, they want to indulge and wallow in self important drama which is a very popular American past time especially for females (becuz they are weak). I have experienced most females in the USA to be extremely weak and due to their own inadequecies, they have to punish other women. Most of them cant live five minutes without a man around. If there is no one there to validate thier existence they get depressed and eat and even weaker.

Those are not people that you can depend on to make sound judegements. And there is no class or ethnic backround thats more or less predisposed to this. I have met a small percentage of real, cool women who are capable in my lifetime from all walks of life. But a higher percentage are of my description above.
Beta females get in the way of battles such as myself and other TI's are fighting now. And they take the side of the Oppressor, who wants to destroy all of humanity's freedoms and liberties, just to satisfy some petty jealousy inside thier WEAK selves.

They should all be destroyed. At least perceptions should be formed to differentiate between elite females and the ones who mess up a battle field with thier bullshit. There are so many of these kinds of weak disgusting women that its hard to imagine not having to set eyes on them daily. Its a living hell especially in Boston.

I have created the blog for 'under represented minorities' and soon I will do so for truly elite women to purposely exclude all the kinds of women who got in my way all these years. The powers that be use these stupid b*tches to their ends gladly.

So let me get this straight- you cry for wars and soldiers, but you help assist the very system that calls for perpetual war and feeds the military industrial complex?
Why? BECUZ ALL THESE WOMEN KNOW HOW TO DO IS WHAT DADDY TELLS THEM. WHAT THE ULTIMATE AUTHORITY TELLS THEM. No matter how they may pose themselves as strong, independent etc, so many of them are quietly depending on men out of FEAR of not being able to do it themselves.

I know damn well that men have played a major role of protecting me from being killed etc over these years, but yeah, I do need MALE protection from OTHER MALES. Thats their job, duh.

But I dont lie to myself (especially to other women) while claiming to want to empower women but I know I am doing things to suck up to corrupt men. There are too many weak women out there and they get in the way of the good fight-ALWAYS MARKETING THEMSELVES AS 'GOOD' IN SOCIETY AND THE TARGET AS A 'BAD' WOMAN.

These women are extremely dangerous to the war for Truth as well as exposing the shadow system. Subconscoulsy they know they cant function on thier own so they will protect corrupt authority under any circumstances. I dont know why they are the way they are but they dont have the primitive instinct or the DNA to break through years of beat down from Abrahamic religions and other factors that make women as disgusting as they are nowadays generally.

Women's Liberation has been a comprimise and a joke throughout. African American men thank you every day by putting out songs with "bitch " and "ho" and making thier money for such music by glorifying all the slavery skills they learned from either the old slavemasters or their own people back in subSaharan and Western Africa where they come from. Enslaving and brainwashing women to make money.
That is what 1970's feminism got you. Thanks again, Ho.

And the US military that you cry for has a nasty track record over the last 15 years for being rape central and intimidating women almost ritualistically as part of their culture. Tears, tears, boo hoo. You support a death cult, you sacrifice your sons to a male god image basically.

Then you tear into women who are against such corruption as if you are better than they are.

We need to start a serious movement to differentiate and keep out all the women who cannot be trusted to carry the torch responsibly. All the fakers, the posers, all the women who claim to be like us but are working for the enemies in some capacity. And jealousy has no place in this sort of war.

There are geniunely strong women who do count as our kind.

Women who are afraid of thier fathers and afraid of male authority need to be abandoned or, looked at as little girls they are and smiled at gently (like perps do to us) becuz they are so incredibly simple and stupid.

I would definately take the assistance of a male and I would also respect the authority of a male but it has to be a male who warrants such power. The problem with American society is that ALL males think they deserve such power simply by the virtue of being males.
This is what all those inferior women support- a system that keeps unworthy males in power. Probably so that unworthy females can share in their power.

I personally need to do something to ensure such people never get power over me again. I want all the people who destroyed my life punished and I want to protect future genetically and naturally superior females from The Mob.

If we can get all the special people to know who each other are, we can keep out the weaklings from getting to us one by one, as that is how they destroy superior people is as individuals.

Also superior people can be too kind hearted, naturally being satisfied with themselves and thier lives, to try to accept all peoples as equals. That might be a nice sentiment but with the Gang Stalking system out there and so many a-holes doing gs to Targets for their own petty social reasons as well as whatever practical reward they are getting makes it very dangerous right now for Special Individuals to exist peacefully in this society.

We are hunted like witches nowadays and they will say and believe anything in order to villify us and destroy us and keep us marginalized. They know that our power lies in Nature (or maybe DNA thats been selected or tweeked, whichever) dictating we are superior, thus thier man made false environments validate THIER superiority if that is what the authorities in these environments dictates to protect its own interests.

Our culture is very much geared towards being like a Communist culture right now but under a fascist system. Not politically but socially. Spying is normal, promoting Community, Equality, Poltical Correctness, Diversity and on the darker side the mob mentality is pushed. Anyone who shines too much is destroyed in a media ritual so that the lesson is learned and taken on by the public, that its ok to destroy special people. No one in entertainment stands out apart from clones just like them and this seems engineered on purpose. No one individual is allowed to get powerful and if this is the case nowadays they are not a true star or a talent but a product like Starbucks is a product symbolized by an individual and recognized symbol.

This is more than just 'human nature' and if it is we should have evolved beyond this by now in this day and age. If these morons want to allow the powers that be to keep them acting like apes in the stone age then let THEM be kept down not us. We know better.

After you are targeted for many years you will look back and see how all these pathetic primitive human drives are taken advantage of and utilized by the gang stalking system against the Target.

The best revenge is that these people live under the influences I and other activists have sighted in such blogs as this. And they do not care. They genuinely like being owned and told what to do by such authority. This is why they take to TIs like playthings they can just destroy if they are told its ok to do so. Kind of like the dumb dogs that they all are destroys chew toys.

There was a nice evolution of man going on in the 90s but that was destroyed in favor of the shitty, horrible reality we have now. America is awful and I personally am leaving and becoming wholly anti-American. Europe is not much better as they are even more overt about their NWO symbolism, which they dont dare do here, probably so that the morons in the public here can call people like us paranoid concerning the NWO 'conspiracy theories' even though the evidence, especially in Europe, is overwhelming.

The truth is that Americans have been fighting and will fight such opperssion but they are now under mind control nationally via differing methods. This is probably the theory they would label most paranoid yet ironically it is what is most damaging to us as a nation presently. Not considering it to be reality or even possible is continuing to destroy the nation.

Many people would fight if they could but they cannot. Many of us can sight and fight mind control for various reasons of which I wont get into here. But many human beings cannot.

Its the ones who know whats being done to a TI is wrong but they still go along with it. They deserve no consideration at all as equals or even as citizens who deserve their freedom. They are ultimately the daddy's girls and boys I mentioned earlier.

Anyone who helps this system for any reason especially something like jealousy should be executed as traitors or for treason against thier country. Yet, its more their country now than ours. So let them have it then.

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