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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It All Goes Back To The Insane NWO Speech

None of this would bother me. If it wasn't for George HW Bush's 'New World Order' speech.

The MindWar paper by Michael Aquino and a hard right wing general.

Reagan trying to implement these technologies overtly into society for use on mental patients and prisoners (obviously punitive psychiatry is being utilized to handle dissidents and would have been in those circumstances as well.)

MK Ultra and radiation Experimentees being intimidated into not showing up to testify and MK Ultra basically being shoved under the rug.

And many other changes to our culture and society that are disturbing.

All the latter along with eight years of Bush and then  Obama a man from such a  shockingly racist church (Americans will now put up with anything.)

The entire thing when put together forms a pretty grim picture.

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Anonymous said...

I believe Obama was pushed to the front, just like is happening with Mit Romney. It seems likely Romney will get in. Hmmm, 8 years of Bush, followed by 4 with Obama and then it looks like 4 with Romney. Looks like they all had a push from some powerful shadow organizations to get them there.