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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Vid and Site On NWO



I have a bit of an issue with the generalizations. 'The Jews' is used yet again by someone trying to understand this issue. There are so many Jews world wide that as a people its unfair to include them all as part of whats going on. There are Jews who could care.less about Israel and being Jewish or Jews who want.peace in the Middle East and don't agree with Israel's actions. Definitely there are those who aren't Zionists. I suppose we should use terms like 'Zionists' or similar. When trying to explain something that seems to span the globe its difficult to remember that individuals are also to be accounted for.

Without surveillance technologies, data collection capabilities and fusion centers this could never be accomplished. And of course mind control methods. The hardest thing to convince people of.

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  1. I think some of these people have kids just so they can have something to brag about. Note that the non-targets, some of them, just reproduce so freely, like they are just spitting them out. Meanwhile, a lot of targets can't have kids because they are so beaten down. One girl was not even 18 yet and she already had a son. And I'll never forget the way she came into the place where I was eating, and she had this big smile on her face while she was holding up her son. But it was not a "happy mother" face who "loved her son", but rather, it kind of reeked of conquest or victory, like she's some kind of powerhouse or sex machine for being able to reproduce. And the way she spoke about it while she was pregnant, like "yeah I can hardly wait to see what he looks like" and "I can hardly wait till he comes out". Makes me wonder if this whole deal was faked because she is a handler as well as her boyfriend. I'm wondering if they weren't giving her a steady regimen of pills to make her stomach bloat out exactly like a real pregnant woman. Seriously, this whole deal with her getting pregnant and having a kid seems faked somehow, and it does smack of something the perps would do to try to induce trauma. It would be traumatic because she is a person who seems to like me, I like her, along comes this loser who gets her pregnant while I stand around and watch helplessly blah blah. Could be real, but the perps were telling me things like "don't worry we're flexible", and "is it the right size?", referring to the size of her pregnant belly. Could it be a test to have me going through all these emotions, and to have me rationalize whether or not she is truly pregnant?

    I don't know, but she seemed to have this lack of confidence in the tone of her voice when I asked her about her kid. Now she is pregnant again. Maybe I should place quotes around that word, because I am not sure (again), and it seems I am the victim of a well-played scheme. But I can't say anything, because it all seemed too real the first time it happened. I can see where "they" might put on a production like this, to induce a surreal type reality in my mind, like a life after death type sensations.

    Who knows. I should not even care. Is it a ruse to get me to not have kids, a deterrent? Or is it real?

    One possibility is that she was given pills that do something to the liver and induces bloating to get that pregnant belly look. That would make sense, because liver cirrhosis victims have bellies that aren't soft like usual beer guts, but rather are both hard and protruding. And the reasons for her wanting to do something like this are as good as any. I mean it all seems so unlikely, but look at all the trouble they go through just to harass one person. Then you know these "actors" have a sort of religious fervor about them, a sort of irrational zeal that consumes them. That's why they seem so crazy to TI's.