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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shaws In Copley Boston Wired very similar to the one in Cambridge behind Central Square that MAKES a Targeted person act out.

Self talk as.if its.actually being forced. Employees watch you in a slightly overt manner.if u look poor and they have plain clothes actually obvious that they are looking at.your pockets etc.


This store has always been like this since.I.can remember. This location ALWAYS paranoid and even interfaced with via the camera surveillance system.

Also a friend and myself watched last male simply took.everything.from his carriage exit.and.put it in a bag and walked out.

Remember I have posted about rich kid squatters and street kids in Cambridge being able to steal and they NEVER get caught? I was wrong....turns out they are RICH KID INFORMANTS who work with cops on various tthings.

Seems.if u r a problem to the system u get treated like a thief even.if u don't steal.

And.of make any TI look nuts.

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