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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Storage Space Getting Unlocked I Supect New Employee

I am pretty sure the new employee at my storage is a gang stalking perp if not there is new activity in this.locating unknown.source.

CASTLE STORAGE facility South Boston

His name is with held until I can discuss this with other employees.

New employee:

Risk factors: Latino.
(Update 2015: Later I would realize that the use of People Of Color during this time in gang stalking was to create racism during late Obama administration. There would begin to be racist lone shooters and much racial division due to what can only be described as purposeful creation of racism or racial hostility using psychological operations. COINTELPRO lives on.  Then racial profile shootings by police would become a focus sadly to serve as diversion from other issues as well as begin the process of gun control and censorship on campuses even harassment of academics on campus by students. I would even eventually be driven to react in a racially charged manner which resulted in my arrest and a major discreditation- a victory for the enemy.

The Irish guys who worked here would mess with me too but just never as overtly as this.  I believe that the introduction of People Of Color that are more aggressive at the same time protected by Diversity is to create anger and a feeling of helplessness among victims. To create terrorists and lone shooters which it did as this sort of infiltration into communities intensified. It also served to split up a once unified front against the NWO and the Bush admin. Now those of us who see Diversity being abused using a COINTELPRO like operation to further the NWO and covert operations are seen as crazies or outright racists. Now we see the true purpose of the Obama admin working in the interest of the NWO to continue what Bush started.)

-gang related possibility. High instance of this in my experience.
(Update 2015:After city manager Healey left Cambridge, a Latino cartel would take over at least visibly in Harvard Square Cambridge. The HSHS would also begin to be infiltrated by chaos causing African Americans and cronies wearing black and red as well as be forced to change thier admissions process to a lottery instead of a first come first serve phone call system that kept the Harvard shelter pretty much for the Harvard homeless local around the shelter.
This is during a slow process of what I now understand is the bigger old ethnic organized crime syndicates handing down operations on lower levels to Latinos and more control to African Americans. This is very obvious in places like Providence RI. My theory is in order to continue operations these gangs have to do Dirty Tricks Dept dirty work.)

-Also in the northeast Latins have a complex becuz the WASPy and.Irish very white people with a fair look actually treat ethnic peoples like black sheeps....even in families. I am only Italian and my.maternal family considers that too ethnic. Its very old racism from Europe that lingers here in the northeast. this, these types often feels they can fuck over or use vulnerable whites to subconsciously get revenge on whites. That's been my experience. This is less of an issue down near the border where other demographics are the enemies of Latins ans Whites are seen as allies. It all depends on dynamics.
(Update 2015: You can see my assessing of the situation becoming  more racially focused. This would continue and is right in line with the Obama admin creating a racially polarized society, using POC to help destroy the middle and lower classes of Euro Americans in order to help along gentrification and sadly to create a feeling of being trapped and cornered in the NWO).

-he has two jobs and is greedy for money obviously. He's said he wants quality in his life like shopping at whole foods instead of fast food etc.

-male. (Possibly needs to feel control over vulnerable females. Threatened by strong lone females. Also I've experienced sexism that seems like something from organized groups of males who believe feminism is to blame for the downfall of society to be partaking in gang stalking of female Targets.  [One male working at a infamous shelter said men being homeless is becuz women aren't "good'" anymore, have too much freedom and "need to have their wings clipped"] . This may be connected to the sex trade human trafficking. )

Update 2015: Here is a picture of the male who said that to me. Again its a Latino male working in a very African American based shelter mostly serving males.

-married early, kids, divorced in past few years. (Possible resentment towards women relationships etc. Also one wonder why divorced.)

I have been dealing with this storage company.for literally years on end. I have NEVER had a problem with my storage space. The staff consisted of an older Caucasian female and a Caucasian male who works here regularly. Its managed by an older Caucasian male.

The older female recently left. The male now in question has been hired only recently like 2 weeks or so.

I have only experienced problems with my storage unit in the time he has been employed here.

He has also exhibited other things which in my experience have been tell tale of gang stalking perpetrators.

Once asked me where I was going after I was leaving the facility. I asked him why he needed to know and he said "So I know where you are". I believe I avoided the question gracefully.

Just today as I am writing this, he mentioned that I was here last week. I claimed I don't recall as I don't keep track of these things. He then proceeds to narrow down the day I was here with and that I had my earphones on. He seemed to take great pleasure in being able to narrow down these details about me, my whereabouts and my activities or what I was wearing etc.

He then proceeded to claim.that I had my earphones on so I couldn't hear him. "You couldn't hear me. I was saying things like 'everyone in this room sucks but me'". I ignored this and took note. I behaved passively becuz I wanted to hear what he would day if he felt he had a power position.

I don't.feel that doing something that childish in the workplace is professional. The man who's been working here for years is solid and would never do such a thing.

Its also a bit abusive isn't it? Saying that everyone sucks in but him and I am in the room?

The issue I have been dealing with my storage space is the lock has now twice been found unlocked.

The first time the other employee was given my.lock by another tenant found ON THE FLOOR next to my unit.

I came in today and found it unlocked again and the lock turned was obvious it was unlocked.

I EXPLAINED TO CEASAR THAT THIS HAD HAPPENED REPEATEDLY AND HE SAID I WAS FORGETTING TO LOCK IT. Even after I told him that I pull it and make.sure.its locked before I leave he did not.listen.

I told him that some girls share my space have a key they claim to have lost so there is another key floating around out there. I explained also that there as homeless people locally who also store here and they might be involved very possibly.
(Update 2015: I dont know why I didnt want to realize it was probably them or them in cahoots with him messing with me)

I didn't suspect him yet and said you don't know my situation. He kept resisting and saying I WAS LEAVING IT UNLOCKED.

I even stupidly explained a bit of the cover story becuz that's easy for people to believe. Crooked cops and untouchable career criminals along with homeless people involved in being informants and crime at local shelters or in the streets is pretty standard fare in Boston.

Just a bit.of a story outline. He kept insisting that he walks around everyday. That no one comes in here that he doesn't know.


This kind.of response as well as his totally disregarding my explaining my situation is TYPICAL IN A GAS LIGHTING CAMPAIGN.

I don't trust the district manager who was training him while the usual guy was away either. There was something about him last month when I came in. Something I did not like that was suspect.

Now the man who usually works here who's known me for years WAS concerned about my lock being opened and found on the floor. He did listen when.I said there was a key supposedly lost by someone who shares my storage.



The other issue is that there's a difference between an unlocked unit and a lock found on the floor.

(He just commented that life isn't so bad...and that.I am probably happier than the common people). Hmph.

This guy might be totally innocent and.its someone else or connected to another employee. Just trying to figure it out. Its simply the timing lines up with him getting hired here that's all....which of a great cover.for another employee or a fellow renter. one more possibility. The two younger people I have been squatting with locally I don't trust fully as they are both facing some harsh charges with significant jail time. The female.of this couple has been to my storage space recently and this also coincides with the timing.of these new problems with my unit. Her father is a policeman near the Lawrence MA area.

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