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Monday, April 2, 2012

Every Hospital Where GS Has Been Present In MA Has Been Harvard-MIT Affiliated
MIT Medical affiliated hospitals.
"obtained through one of our affiliated hospitals, such as Massachusetts General, Brigham & Women's Hospital, Children's Hospital Boston, and Mount Auburn Hospital."
"..the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University and its affiliated major teaching hospitals (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Massachusetts General Hospital).."

Harvard affiliated hospitals and research:

"Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center » Brigham and Women’s Hospital » Cambridge Health Alliance » Children’s Hospital Boston » Dana-Farber Cancer Institute »
Forsyth Institute » Harvard Pilgrim Health Care » Hebrew SeniorLife»
Joslin Diabetes Center » Judge Baker Children’s Center » Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary» Massachusetts General Hospital » McLean Hospital »
Mount Auburn Hospital » Schepens Eye Research Institute » Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital » Veterans Affairs Boston Healthcare System »"

The ones in orange were especially nasty, damaging and viscous in the stalking, harassment and psychological warfare parts of the campaign. Last summer here in Cambridge I documented my experience at Mt Auburn Hospital ER.

I always perceived Harvard as separate from MIT due to people locally presenting it that way. That Harvard had long ago told the government off and wanted nothing to do with them but MIT was all funded by government grants and military contracts. How naive we are here, living with these monsters in our backyards. Thats how this place is though.

Unless you fight to find out whats really behind the walls of these places.
Funny isnt it? I never would have been too interested unless I was invited in..and by f*cking with me and destroying my life, not only for entertainment but to cover thier asses with local involvement in the sex industry- but obviously the big picture is continued human experimentation connected to MK Ultra which these two institutions have a history of partaking in. Both these institutions have past documented instances of unethical human experimentation. And once again, NO ONE WAS TRIED FOR WAR CRIMES.

Thats why they do what they do, to people like me for instance. And I am just one person. How many people other than my mother got intimidated out of going to testify at the President's Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments?

Becuz there are no consequences. That committee took place on set up tables in a room. It should have been a court room or a military court. An international one. Just look at the videos on YouTube. Its totally mickey moused. Ive seen catering events with more class than that. Its disgusting.

And so covertly the human beings who are part of these institutions can continue to mock, laugh at, lord over and be amused by victims. Truly this is an example of the elite being totally out of control. AND YOU TRUST THESE PEOPLE TO BUILD YOU A 'NEW WORLD ORDER'?
They arent sane, why would anyone trust them? Thier thirst for power games is never ending.

These are not righteous elders of society that should be making decisions for people. And for them to be able to have any access to human experimentees that is covert in nature, if its NOT illegal then it should be. Its as if they can just do as they please becuz its classified- a black project. Nothing has changed since that committee. The very fact that victims were being covertly intimidated into not showing up to give testimony (and provide higher numbers of official victims) using 'gang stalking' tactics shows that the entire committee and any legal actions was null and void to begin with.

Perhaps its time to demand another trial. Becuz obviously the first one in the 70's was bogus becuz of the files beind destroyed and the one in the 90's was fixed as well.

I have been treated very badly at all the hospitals I highlighted above. They have refused me medical care or worse did things in order to NOT document my care most likely to avoid me getting more evidence to build a complete suit or write a documentary of events in future. I was also abused, tormented and tortured at these institutions. McClean's hospital....I cant even tell you how bad that was. Perps everywhere in there. Mean as hell too. It just didnt stop either.
That's where that young woman out of nowhere told me "They're mad at you you know, becuz you arent accepting your situation". Once again everyone from Dr. Emmerich to my mother and grandmother to this broad uses the big 'THEY' term instead of telling me whats really going on. Its to induce paranoia and help gas light the Target. (btw, 'they' can piss off, in case no one guessed already. You will not believe the arrogance of this system when you get the full story.It makes the FBI entrapping people and then trying to get them as informants look like child's play. Intimidating someone into service is bad enough- BRAIN DAMAGING them into a mind control cult for service is totally insane. Just like the people behind all this. Thats who 'they' must be. Are there parts of the intelligence services that are this crazy or is this some other faction. I cant wait to find out one day. They aren't even human.)

BU affiliated hospitals were nasty to me for a few years during Bush and then really redeemed themselves by my going and actually getting decent care. An art teacher told me that during Bush there was a real Nazi type Neocon on thier board and that might be it. Also my old associate ghost wrote her own PR book to cover her ass during the federal investigation in Boston through this French woman who turned out to be a BU professor (but of course that was witheld from us not-so-important friends). So perhaps they were protecting her, who knows why they were so horrid during Bush. Everything was horrid during Bush anyway.

Needless to say Harvard and all those hospitals are simply off limits.

It seems that these hospitals are still actively involved in MK Ultra probably under the guise of classified or black project status.

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