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Monday, April 2, 2012

Seems There Is A Level Of Activity On Sunday

This is getting as bad as St Loius during Bush. Its very very bad torment and it just stops, like that at around 12 midnight. It.just....stopped.

This means there IS some activity going on during Sunday. Believe it or.not its actually lessened so that it seems non existent compared to Monday through Saturday.

well looks like.the city is off limits for good. Only for appointments I.guess.

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Anonymous said...

Also thanks for the outside perspective on PA. Specifically, PA. That allows targets living in this state to compare with an non-PA native target passing through. It also confirms that maybe the mind control tech is that strong here, but maybe I have just gotten used to it so I don't notice it as much. I've noticed at a stop light in Connellsville, PA, near a Wendy's, and between a McDonald's and a Wal Mart I get some strong influence. There is also another Wal-Mart type shopping center complex before the other one down the road. I start to get some strong influence going on, like a strong suggestion of who I am supposed to be versus who I am in reality. There also seems to be a strong effort to deter me from leaving the house as well. They seem to want me holed up here, and when I do manage to go out, I get perps and influence and other tech. About 1 hour south of Pittsburgh. But once I enter WV, I notice I feel the influence leave, like I am being left more to my free will. But maybe that's because I am not native to there? I've noticed that when I stay there long enough, I start to attract black perps and other gangstalkers doing the freakshow.

Also, living in State College, PA in 1996, I kept getting strong suggestions around that time frame. I got a lot of theatre from students and residents there when I last visited. In 1994, got strong feelings that I am not liked by a certain group of students. Got harassed by blacks living in the apartment complex then. Like stereos in adjacent complex going all hours, and some skinny black retard confronting me about stupid stuff as well as some harassment from said retard. Got some half-black punk girl pinching me in the ass in 1994. Interesting how forward black bitches are sometimes. Usually half-blacks were the ones almost always. And they were always outsiders, not students. Like people visiting.

And that was a recurring theme, too, having stereos in adjacent apartments going at not a semi-loud drone at all hours. This was in 1996.