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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Vid Of O'Reilly Arguing With Rivera Makes Me Realize How F*cked We All Are Now

Geraldo and O'Reilly argue. Loudly.

Hey at least Geraldo had Gunderson, Aquino, Zeena Lavey and a priest on his talk show. Even though it got nowhere its best to at least see and hear thier opinions and points than pretending they dont even exist as is the trend nowadays.

There's got to be something to someone who defends people as he did in the 60's as a lawyer.

I dont trust him though. Not him nor OReilly nor Alex Jones either. That little scenario with Jones and Rivera where Rivera flipped off his camera crew by using his middle finger to pretend to scratch his nose was so acted out it was painfully obvious.

Besides, that has been MY way of dealing with perps for years now. Unless I am that inspirational to people and dont realize it. It is a fun way to flip enemies off. Surveillance cams as well.

But why all these people being chummy on some issues and then fighting on others? Note how quickly Rivera and O'Reilly calmed right down and were smiillllling again for the cameras. I dont trust that. Those are actors not real people.

The problem with these media personalities is they dress, act and sound like politicians or congressmen, senators. They try to get the credibility of professionals or those kinds of people. I have seen heated moments in American politics and there is some acting to it but they keep to thier point.

The public doesnt understand the difference between people who are genuine and people who throw mirrored reflections out at the public for entertainment and consumption.

Its like marketing junk food as sole nutrition. Thats what our culture has become. And people are starving to death culturally and intellectually and no longer seem to even realize it.

Asleep, hypnotized worse than ever. Taken off recreational drugs just to be put on psych meds- man made drugs with no natural intelligence from a plant that harmonizes with mammalian bodies. As if environmental pollution has gone away just becuz terrorism has become a focus and companies hide behind 'going green'.

It may seem unrelated but people like these mentioned above are all part of helping our population in this country to go to sleep to begin with as they are now. Junk journalism, shock jocks and dime a dozen talk show hosts have gotten in the way of taking in REAL nutrition if you will- true journalism with information that is really dealing with whats important, whats really going on.

The media machine now simply sells content. Not that it hasnt always been this way but when an audience is as captive as the American public are now, by having liberties taken away, being surveilled every moment, a constant leering police presence and a YUPpie population to judge socially who is and isnt of value in society, as well as many classes of people being told they have disorders so they can be more easily managed- that is a captive population of people.

And that is only what the public can see and anyone would admit to. Add to that the fact that the cameras around cities, in false environments like stores etc always surveille the environment and from what TI's know about the concepts in MindWar for mass mind control, then these populations being watched are then manipulated and controlled via cell towers, you really do have a lab experiment on your hands. One big controllable environment.

Take this population as above described and sit them in front of these types of junk journalists. As if people at this point have any kind of resistance left to the likes of them.

Everything you know you dont like about what the world has become nowadays is pretty much a part of what is controlling, manipulative and dangerous about mass mind control...and the NWO.

Another thing to be suspect of is the constantly playing off the idea of Anarchists vs Patriots. If its assumed that Geraldo is an Anarchist becuz Oreilly says so here in this vid, then he fighting with Jones feeds into this rivalry becuz Jones claims to be a Patriot, alot.

What makes no sense about the Patriots and the Anarchists is that they both seem disagree with the current government. Yet they cause havoc, disorder and chaos at ever event they attend. They do nothing but constantly perpetuate this rivalry.
That is becuz this rivalry is utter bullsh*t.

I have personally experienced AGENTS WHO ARE LIVING AS ANARCHISTS AS WELL AS LIVING AS PATRIOTS. Neither of these groups can be trusted. As far as I can see they are fronts for another divide-and-conquer method, to ensure the US population never unifies in its uprising against the corrupt powers that be running the country into the ground and destroying Europe as well.
Its exactly like ensuring race rivalries to ensure people of the same class dont unify. Or unify only to destroy the Caucasian folk who traditionally go up against the elites in Europe in peasant revolutions etc. Marketing and pushing race mixing is not the same as encouraging racial peace among one class, especially when you know damn well you are making the house slave culture dominate the folk, so you can easier control the traditional enemies of white elites.

The problem now is that people are being so controlled by various methods they dont even understand whats going on anymore. The mind control of the public is complete. For those of us old enough to have watched it slowly take hold, its terrifying. Yet we are young enough to still not be afraid to speak out or forget how important this fight is.

Change is fine. A new world order would be fine as well. Except no one who is speaking positively about these things is mentioning mass mind control like what has been conceptualized by the US military in MINDWAR. Which means we are dealing with the enslavement of mankind, not simply a wonderful new world order. Its a deception.

And I aint a Christian. But an enslavement of mankind is a very good way to describe whats transpiring.

If you cant think or reflect freely you are a slave. If you are on drugs that force you to not be depressed instead of really questioning whats wrong with society and your own life, you are partially enslaved. If you are forced to eat food thats processed due to not having enough money for better quality (which makes no sense anyway) just to feed the trucking industry and food industries then you are being enslaved. If you are so tired at the end of the day, so beaten down by the economy and formerly terrorized by the Bush era's police state and fascism- to actually let yourself watch any of these clowns on tv- you are definitely enslaved. If you cant demand decent journalism. If you are being fooled into thinking you have power as a consumer becuz you have choices, yet all of them are arranged to deliver garbage and its made easier to grab junk food for the mind instead- you are pretty much enslaved.

And if you found yourself voting for Bush in the second election, even though you were GOING TO VOTE DEMOCRAT, and this struck you as odd, so you either didnt vote at all or voted Republican that election, and Bush got into have been deceived and you are now in a country where the entire population is enslaved by mass mind control via various methods. Bush cheated his way in in the first election- we were going to impeach him remember? Why could we not have impeached him AS WELL AS DEALT WITH THE TERRORIST BOMBINGS???

Why did HE have to stay on and save us all from terrorists?

It doesnt matter if you believe 9-11 or not. Certain things were not done as they should have been and certain things were done that never should have happened. And conveniently anyone who has any information about it being that way or the truth or even presents an alternative version for consideration DURING BUSH WAS HUNTED DOWN AND ATTEMPTED TO BE MURDERED (whistle blower syndrome) AND IF THEY DIDNT COMMIT SUICIDE THEY ARE NOW BEING SLOWLY DESTROYED FROM YEARS OF BEING TARGETED WITH THE SAME METHODS USED FOR MASS MIND CONTROL only on a much more intense level.

Electromagnetic pollution is effecting many citizens causing mental illness symptoms as long as they stay in that area, and has been shown to even destroy trees. Its bad for the environment, period. However if you are targeted, you will eventually become sick and die from the effects over time. And these health conditions are going to be looked at as happenstance. Becuz the public doesnt realize whats going on, and everyone who does know is either silent or in on it for purposes of discrediting anyone who DOES know the truth and tries to bring it to the population.

Watching these two argue just made me revisit what I know about American culture: its totally full of sh*t. Which it always has been. But whats going on now, since Bush in earnest but really since Reagan- is much more serious than just being an annoying country that is corrupt and hides behind Judeo-Christianity, mom and apple pie and DisneyWorld, and always being self righteous in war. Corruption has now become what we are about, what we accept in our culture and about ourselves as nation. Its this American arrogance and privilege- but without the liberties and freedoms we used to have, and privacy, how is being American or even arrogant, any fun at all anymore??

Its not. America has become a very bizarre psychological prison where torture is the norm, and I mean torment of the population on a daily basis- in ads, on tv, in movies in the way we socialize. Yet we keep on feeling good- about feeling and being so bad.

This is a result of mass mind control. One of the things I have noted along the way is the ability of the system to make a TI whos being tormented in absolute agony, often for years on end, have a sense of 'happiness', which of course is falsified. Completely and totally.

Its a complete behavior modification of the entire population. People have a right to be angry or sad or feel pain. To deny this is to deny a person or persons their true feelings thus ensuring they never process those feelings or thier causes. They never heal. YOU'VE GOT THEM FOR THE REST OF THIER NATURAL LIVES. This is how the system imprisons TI's at least and it looks like the entire population is not allowed to process thier feelings about whats been going on for the last decade either. The economy hit us and we forgot about Bush and the police state and...then onto something else. Then all the diversions like these two arguing then smiling on a cue as if nothing happened. Or some other blowhard talk show host...talking to us. Talking to us as we doze off, talking as we cook or talk on the phone. Constant talk talk talk of this kind.

Brain washing. Repetition. Hypnosis.

Imagine being one of the few people awake in an entire nation and you are now living with this realization in a constant state of pain and torment, just for knowing this of course. That is our fate. And no one sees, no one listens, no one believes us. My work is even seeming less important to me as I fall into seriously ill health. Before I believed in myself now I focus on how obvious it is that no one will believe me. Why should I suddenly care about that or think this way?

Becuz the content of the way I am being manipulated has changed. Its time to make me truly grow old and grow out of being fascinated with myself and my power, to totally destroy all my fire within, permanently.
To this the system is always giving me the ideation that I have had to be targeted through these years so I could grow up and stop being youthful. That I am being prepared to become an elder in society. Which of course is what they do in order to DENY someone of their youth, health, success etc in life.

Its right in the tv show The Prisoner. The phase where they try to get him into politics, to run for office. Its a complete joke how that show runs down basically every phase of forced deprogramming of Survivors of high level mind control programming. I dont know if Patrick McGoohan was trying to do what he could to assist Survivors past, present or future or if it is just a tease- 'yes this is whats going to happen to you, but you cant do anything about it anyway.'

The fact that so many people hate me and others like me and no one is doing anything to stop this, lately I am feeling like I am going to die soon, that no one cares- thats testament enough to the ENTIRE COUNTRY BEING UNDER MASS MIND CONTROL via various methods.

Believe it when I tell you Ive seen people who are in on this like agents or something, loads of them in public spaces. Entire areas of a city. Davis Sq Somerville, MA, Albuquerque NM (during Bush), St Louis, MO and other places. ENTIRE CITIES just crawling with loads of these people who are all in on messing with ONE Targeted person.

This is a huge conspiracy. Becuz if they are all on the same page and all part of a campaign against one person this means they are placed in cities all over the country to manage entire populations. From my experience, the entire nation is populated by people who are agents or something like that, who are acting like perfectly normal citizens.

Community watch can NOT be that zealous. If that is the reality, the country if totally f*cked anyway and we do live in an East Germany like reality. I dont ever scare easily over my sanity being doubted becuz I was involved with very guilty career criminals and cops on the take in Boston and for the big picture my mother IS a documented radiation experimentee with two US Marines as parents, which is connected to MK Ultra and she was intimidated out of going to the President's Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experiments.

The problem is that I have can imagine how Ive been presented and also my mother has sold out and can easily deny all of that as well as will surely stick to the story that I am merely mentally ill like my father. So why wasnt I a problem until that federal investigation?? Hmmm??

Personally I cannot deal with a population of people who act as if all I have had to deal with is the cover story. I simply dont have patience for humans this stupid or naive about what goes on in thier world. And every day I am targeted so I cant do anything about it or defend myself.
Due to the way they have done this campaign over the years the damage to me physically like brain damage etc as well as the tech thats used is making my becoming sickly much quicker than my ability to produce work on my project. Its also almost impossible now to function even simply. Like getting errands done.

Not one to hang around and be destroyed easily leaving the country is the only option. I cant exactly work on defending myself and getting my story out by staying up all night or on Sundays the only two times there is no electromag interfering with my thought processes. And this pain in my right side that produces internal bleeding, it seems to be very much produced by electromagnetic pollution or being targeted. If I stay on the road in trucks especially ones with no satellite I dont have the pain or its effects. If I stay in cities the condition becomes worse.

No doubt a combination of my pre existing health issues like liver disease, the severe mold exposure in Brighton over three years, the stress of staying on the run traveling as well as being targeted with technologies has produced this state of my health. I avoided this for years by being able to take herbs and I couldnt do that as of 2009 due to various food allergies being induced by anaphylaxis from Bactrim. Certain perps have tormented me about why I am not dead yet. One specifically mentioned why has that vein or artery not burst in my head yet, and I realized it was the issue a perp had mentioned to me when I was being harassed in St Elizabeth's hospital by a resident who had brought up a car accident I was in, mentioning that I had a head injury that caused some sort of problem that sounded very much like that. I had brain scans before and no one had mentioned it.

The way they want the TI to die is to realize how unimportant we are before we go. To tell our story and realize that no one really cares about us. They even want to take away our OWN sense of self importance and especially self love. They desire more than anything to destroy the Target's self love. They insist that over time, especially recently, that you realize how much you DONT matter in the New World Order, especially since you are old and your prime has past.

This entire thing is utter bs and totally fabricated by the perpetrators of the NWO. Our world is now an entirely falsified environment where people can be made to think and feel anyway that they want us to. Entire populations as well as Targeted Individuals.

They also seem to want to take pride away. It reminds me very much of the Scandinavian society's way of insisting that no one value their own specialness or talent above the society itself. Obsession with equality. It also reminds me of how conformist communism is.

I absolutely refuse to be tortured this much in order to give them my story without being allowed any legal council. Thats what they want it seeems. Then afterwards I am sure I will get sick and die.

At this point leaving the USA is the only option available. I feel very removed from Boston. As if I am a ghost on the sidelines who is observing another time and place go by, one that I am permanently locked out of. This is what they want. Mostly to protect everyone here who is truly a criminal, crooked cops as well as to continue to protect everyone who betrayed me and helped destroy me especially my intimates, thier families and my family.

No matter what they say about me or how much they market it as I deserved it or other bullshit, that isnt the issue at all. The issue is that ITS NOT NORMAL TO HAVE THIS MUCH OF AN INTERLOCKING OF GROUPS OF PEOPLE ACROSS THE USA FOCUSING ON ONE PERSON. Its a conspiracy of the highest order and no matter what else anyone says about the situation, you should all focus on the fact that the methods used to torment me nation wide as well as keep track of my movements and whereabouts SHOULD NOT EXIST. That is what citizens should be concerned about.


This is what I want my final warning to consist of. It always has been. And for me to be so fatalistic and focus on my own personal problems is NOT in my programming. Its like they've found some way recently to ensure I dont even act on my internal programming. One clue is that since becoming a TX resident, the way I am targeted has changed. I notice I am not targeted the same way here in MA as I was for years having an official address in MA.

I understand that the public dont give a shit about anything as long as they have THIERS. Thats a given. But to keep going with my campaign until all I consist of is a constant rehashing of what has happened for years on end and longing over my own loss and other's ridiculous. THIS SYSTEM CAUSES PTSD. THIS SYSTEM THEN SOMEHOW IS ABLE TO ERASE MEMORIES JUST AS MIT HAS RECENTLY CLAIMED TO HAVE FOUND A MEDICATION THAT CAN DO JUST THAT. MIT HAS BEEN PART OF MY CAMPAIGN FOR YEARS NOW. HARASSMENT, STALKING, INTERFACING FOR THE PURPOSE OF BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION THE WHOLE BIT. Cysco Systems routers everywhere all over the building of course.

Recently I find that in MA this trip I am not gang stalked as much. As if they know that I am very much dumbed down mentally. All that need occur is the tech takes control. Today I can write this due to it being Sunday. As per usual in this geographical location I can think straight on Sunday and in the middle of the night. The rest of the time I act and behave as a completely different person. I even behave different from my Traveler persona. Boston is especially brutal in tech being used to manage people and the Copley Sq area is one of the absolute worst areas. Cambridge is also now very bad.

I am simply here to get my health checked to go overseas. If I need surgery I am convinced TX would have me dead on the table but Boston seems a bit more..still trying to save my physical life perhaps out of respect for my family or whoever is connected here. Its the only reason I came back and after that I want out of the USA. Perps especially handlers keep telling me that its worse to go to Europe becuz thats where the Illuminati are concentrated to begin with but I cant imagine what harm I would be doing just being a squatting hobo like here. At least there wouldnt be any memories grinding down my mind into nothingness over time. As well as I am sure they wouldnt focus on still at this stage trying to push me to succeed. TX was all about pushing me without mercy to become something, to do something productive. I couldnt focus to get doctor's appointments for a pressing health issue that INCLUDES INTERNAL BLEEDING over the last year twice, but I can mess with clothes and fabrics and focus on perhaps learning to sew for a living and designing clothes- how f*cked is that??

Whatever they tell you about this system dont get confused. Its being used for human experimentation and to literally destroy human being's souls via thier minds, emotions and through physical damage to the brain and other physical damage and psychological torture.

Any health issues the TI has will not be dealt with by health care givers. My incident at Mt Auburn hospital was one such example. And just like the two trash tv journalists above, the woman clearly abused me and didnt do her job, in fact the entire staff worked very hard to ensure my condition was not documented and I was being indimidated and insulted by the doctor's female assistant probably so I continue to lack paper work to prove my case. I have enough now but I cant get a lawyer becuz I am so targeted.

If you were trying to kill someone but doing it so no one saw, wouldnt you try to ensure health issues they had would go untreated so that they would eventually become weakened and sick and die due to those health issues. Its fairly easy to do. Just dont do your job and block everything the TI says...then come out and smiiilllleee to the next patient as if they are human and the TI is not.

Its amazing what actors these jerks are. Its amazing that, like the two men above, they can switch so quickly thier personalities so that no one sees whats really going on.

I think there are alot more programmed people in society right now as part of this war on humanity than ANY OF US want to admit. Thats the only way people can be capable of being so good at switching like this. Of being fake. And dont think that the system doesnt know who they are. I wouldnt be surprised if these two werent guided thier whole lives to the positions they hold now as junk journalists.

Or that bitch who works as the doctor's assistant. When do they teach that in med school? Intelligence 101: 'oh you may have certain persons who enter as patients who are threats to national security or the established system, part of your job is to help us deal with them'. WTF?? Why are so many medical people in on this? Like EVERY Target says so as well.

Its ridiculous that the public dont even know how thier world works. So why should I keep subjecting myself to this? Why stay in the USA? Why even try to ever gain Boston or my home back as a territory? The message is that everyone has forgotten about me and I am treated as a ghost in my own hometown. And my situation is so obviously not just about me being mentally ill. And everyone insists on being cold hearted towards me anyway. I see a few guilty looks at my predicament but those might be perps trying to further the psychological damage.

Why would I stay here and try to succeed at ANYTHING in this country?? This country and a majority of its people have been a part of destroying anything good about me or my life. They get off on the control of a human being through the means all TI's mention. People working at MBTA train stations KNOW DAMN WELL THAT A CERTAIN AREA IS HEAVY WITH MIND CONTROL TECH USUALLY NEAR A CAMERA. They way they smile at the situation makes it obvious. Then when I pull the video cam out and mention the technologies or sort the entire thing out logically, the smile ends and they walk away very annoyed that a TI knows whats going on.


I have noted before that the kind of people who were employed in say, human services like homeless services, were of a very different breed circa mid 90's. Its as if entire industries have been revamped (like all our public spaces even private ones have been renovated or gentrified) so that only people who are going to take part in these campaigns and whats been going down since Bush in earnest are allowed to have those jobs or..more frighteningly, agents or whatever they are, are placed in these positions now. If they even are natural born humans at all.

What strikes me now, as I am heading for ill health thats life threatening- and a loss of life force I can genuinely feel these days, is the sheer magnitude of their presence after infiltration of society. What I experienced never struck me before now as a massive as it is really.

Unless its simply the normal human population who are so mind controlled, medicated and manipulated now that they are capable of crimes against humanity like this.

There is something definetly wrong with whats been experienced by TI's. Whats worst is that we arent even left alone with our own deaths. They want that too. They want your submission before you die. You cant even have whats yours before you die physically.
Which makes me reason that dying in another country might not be so bad.

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Anonymous said...

Another way of looking at it is our country was so focused on keeping track of innocent victims of mind control, that they lost track of the real terrorists, who were at war with our country. How much time do they really spend on tracking outside threats to our nation, I mean legit threats, like Al Quaida? It's amusing in a sad way that they knew a lot about what I was doing over the years as well as other TI's, but not about this outside plot to hijack several planes and suicide bomb key part of our nation with it. Another possibility is that this is an intentional mistake to let terrorist bomb our country, so we can move forward with our plans to take controll of other nations. Amazing how nobody cared about Saddam or Quadaffi for many years. But when the terrorist attacks of 9/11 occured, all of a sudden, it's so important to hunt down and kill Bin Laden, Hussein, and Quadaffi. Why not Castro? Perhaps because he had something to do with Kennedy's death, maybe he was in on the assassination along with the CIA and Lyndon Johnson. This is speculation on my part. And that could explain why we are not in Cuba nosing around trying to assassinate Fidel in the name of World Peace.