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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Deniro Embarrassing? So Whats New?


He's been an embarazsmdnt for years anyway. Hollywood is terrified of European ethnics making them and all their relatives they give roles.to look like the boring repetitive pieces of sh*t they are.

Antonio Banderos had to play an Arab in 1000 AD (didn't see full movie but read the book. Again Hollywood fears the true Pagan past of European peoples).

They know damned well that Europeans excel in fashion, the arts,  and being generally healthier and.classicially beautiful and built so they hide this from American audiences whenever they can.

I.have never seen any Italians that represent true Italianess from the old country. Even Italian Americans are misrepresented by the likes of Pacino, DeNiro, and Peschi (is.he even full blooded or mixed?).

They couldn't stand.to.have all Italians in the GodFather so its a joke when you watch it becuz you can recognize the Jewish actors playing Italians-badly I might add.

Frank Sinatra...great voice. But again....something was amiss.

Ever seen how scrawny Deniro was in the GodFather? He looks like an Italian I wouldn't trust. And still don't

Deniro is part of the American fantasy world built by its designers and delivered to.us by the ever talented, dreaming Jews.

Sometimes the DNA calls out and peoples of European descent find something is lacking. They yearn for the real deal. Something solid.

You will find much more convincing specimens of Italian men simply walking around NYC as 'regular guys' than on any movie screen.

Please exclude anyone from Jersey Shore and realize Mob Wives only focuses on a specific demographic.

Stallone is half Jewish, goofy as hell, destroyed how respectable Ramble could have been as a serious movie about Vietnam veterans and his mother is such a total nightmare I am wanting to assume shes the typical smothering female in Jewish culture.

He was never as convincing as a badass as, say Dolphin Lundgren or even Van Damme. Both Europeans of course.

America is a dream factory. Lately its taking itself far to seriously and.is compensating for its weaknesses with tyranny, fascism and a covert police state.

And for.those of us who have outgrown American culture and seek our homelands again the false environments created by HollywoodLand and all its players is usually very painful to us.

We've woken up. And to.us the dream is now percieved as nightmare. A lonely one at that. Where nothing is real only fabricated..in America. For America. Which for us doesn't even exist anymore.

Deniro is part of a decadent, self indulgent past that America claims it can no longer afford. Yet it also refuses to truly grow up and face its problems and evolve.

All thats left is a Clock Work Orange like environment where we are forced to take in whatever media content is put in front of us, eyes held open against our Will and behavior modification for a better perfect society its end. Obama never should have been elected. He and his wife are racist AfroCentrics. Hillary Clinton is a crook. There are actual African Americans with a long history in this country who could be president and deserve to be. Who would serve the interests of ALL poor people not just one racial demographic. But the Powers don't want that. America refused to.deal.with Bush and all the people involved in the takeover of this country so now they are destined to be manipulated and abused until the Powers get the results they want. America is as dead as God. Except at least with gods, old and new they can always be revisited and reanimated to life through human faith in them. America can not. The question.should be why are all these older guys still acting anyways? Its not like they have Shakespearian quality talents into their twilight years. (Pacino actually attempting to do Shakespeare should have illustrated that clearly. Another embarrassing moment.) But Hollywood knows best. If you live in the Dream Machine.


  1. This video here of "the orginal screwjob" is a lot like the perps and the corrupt nWO.


    Here, "Fabulous Moolah" and the ref are in on a conspiracy to have "Moolah" "win" the match when in fact she never pins Richter's shoulders at all.

    Note there is the boss, in this case Vince McMahon. LOL, we're starting to see what an asshole this guy is who is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his fake entertainment.

    So the ref and a masked "Moolah" proclaim that she is the winner when in fact she has not won... simply conspired with the ref and McMahon by secret agreement to proclaim her the winner.

    Kind of like what those perps were doing to you, proclaiming that they've beaten you and beaten TI's when in fact you haven't been pinned yet. I suppose the higher ups could be like McMahon.

    I fail to see the honor in this sort of thing. I have to LOL at 10:15 to 10:18, Richter appears to be saying "Hey Vince, this how you wanna play man?!" Gotta love the refusal to give up the belt, and the real ass-kicking "Moolah" (the perp) gets in the end.

    So many times I have myself similarly cursing the perps. I mean, having some little white dweed in a big car drive past with his window down, beep twice, and then say "big whore" when I am not a whore. I have found that it's a favorite the childish apes known to TI's are "perps" love to call TI's things like "whore" for some reason. Now I have a hard time believing that TI's are "whores" or anything like that. I mean, which TI's are whores? In reality? And then, compare these to the perps and others working for the system, and they have them get back to me. I guess it doesn't matter, because they have so much access, influence, infiltration, and numbers that they can say whatever they want, right?

    But then again, what did I expect from the same ilk of people who proclaim that they've won?

    Compare the moral fabric of those comprising the perps and those involved in targeting us, compared to that of TI's, and then see how morally weak and depraved they are compared to us. If we were whores, wouldn't we be them instead of TI's?

    I think the entire system is one big cheatenous slut.

  2. Noticed the parallels to Disneyworld (Orlando). Who knows if that famous park was itself part of the Grand Experiment, to see how well humans could exist in a simulated world. Everything about Disneyworld is simulated, I've noticed. Everything seems to be a simulation of reality, especially those virtual reality rides. I expect to see a lot more VR in the future. Back in 1990, VR was such a hot topic, with the glasses and helmets and headphones and what not. It seems to have died out, and only exists among those devoted VR fanatics.

    I have a theory that targets have our thoughts monitored and also they along with our feelings and emotions and life events are stored somewhere, like in a large data warehouse type environment, with massive amounts of RAID disk arrays and computing equipment decoding our thoughts.

    Why would they want to do this? Well, assuming Disneyworld is really an experiment and they are striving for a similar environment worldwide, they already have the public under their control. They have successfully dumbed and numbed them, and further experiments could continue this trend, except even more controlled than at present. They could use a target's soul that is stored in a massive RAID disk array, and apply some filtering via artificial intelligence to modify the "canned target's" soul and breath a new, controlled soul into the general population, but as they see fit.

    Or, it could be an experiment, where it's been mentioned in past sci-fi films how neat it would be to transfer a human's conscious being into a computer, thus storing him or her electronically for further retrieval.

    I must be hitting on something, as I was getting parts of this post erased as I was writing it. Storing a being into a computer, then installing their own software "spirits" into the population at will. Then the ruling class could make the population their slaves, having everyone controlled via a computer, doing their will.

    You can already see how dead and robotic a lot of the population is already. That's why they need to take away and control the arts to their liking, especially music. Right now, music and the visual arts are used mainly as a tool to harass and control targets via psyops, and also to deaden the public, to prep them for a future of human-machine interfaces to control the populace via computer to their liking.

    Just a theory. But it could explain why so many who go along with the harassment seem devoid of normal human emotion and empathy. They are doing the bidding of the controllers, right now they are in information gathering mode, to store our emotions and spirits into the massive data arrays.

    This isn't hard to do, because the government has been undergoing a process of privatization over the decades, basically being controlled by corporations instead of "real" government leaders.

    Just like the one movie, expect corporations to have full control over the population. Scary movie. And it seems to be headed that way. In fact, it already has been that way, but in "proto" (not final) form.

  3. That could be what my disturbing dream was about back in the 70's. The person gets stored into a machine, and then they no longer need the physical person, so they discard the physical person via suicide programming or having something happen. By "happen", I mean (planned) unfortunate things, like you'd mentioned, things going wrong because of getting misdiagnosed and mistreated by medical professionals until the person succumbs to illness eventually. So the "trash can" could present a machine, a computer, a massive disk array, a supercomputer in a data warehouse. A computer is a lot like a garbage can, if you think about it. It's basically a metal and plastic can with garbage being tossed inside of it all day long, and it has no soul. It's just another bucket of bolts.

    There was a saying back in the early 80's, years before home computers were popular.


    Of course, advertising has always used subliminals anyways, so now it's just a manner of catering to the power structure to assist in destroying targets.

  4. LOL, Garbage In Gospel Out. People DO put way too much faith into machines, computers. People have always asked me how come I walk so much when I have a car, or they ask don't I have one, and I tell them having one is fine, but you have to exist apart from machines. It's all a part of survival. Ironically, I walked to my very first day of school ever. We protested the lack of bus services, I believe. Ironic how this would forshadow my present beliefs that people drive too damned much or rely on cars and computers and everything else.

    It's ironic how much I love cars and computers and machines, more so than the average person. Yet, I don't depend on them like the average person. I have always believed that a person should be in harmony with the earth and tread lightly. And then there are the perps, throwing shit everywhere just so the target can see it and get discouraged.

    The system and perps do not respect the earth nor its peoples. They think they know more than nature and they are so selfish they could care less about the earth. So they throw their crap everywhere, wherever it lands. As long as it does some damage to a target or is more convenient for them to do so, they just don't care.

    It's like I studied about systems in general, in a mathematical sense, which have a forced and a natural response.

    The forces out there that try to shape our world know about these kinds of theoretical models of systems, and are setting about to apply them to shape our world as well.


    It applies to a wide variety of real-world systems, not just circuits.

  5. Just reading up on Victor Gruen again. The legend who created shopping malls. There was one here that got torn down for a Wal Mart. Blah. All they do is sell cheap junk from other countries. And they are part of black ops and bribery networks. It should come as no surprise that the US ranks low internationally in many academic categories.


    WELL GEEZ IS THIS SURPRISING, GIVEN THAT ALMOST EVERYTHING SOLD HERE IS FROM CHINA AND VIETNAM. We're giving them all of our business instead of selling US made goods.

    I wanted to visit some of the remaining malls that Gruen designed, that are still standing. There is Southdale in MN.


    In a speech in London in 1978, Gruen disavowed shopping mall developments as having "bastardized" his ideas.


    Geez, I wonder what will become of the future of the retail industry, Malls, fast-food joints, shopping centers, etc.? It seems like all of our business is being tossed overseas, and all traditions are being tossed into the trash can.

    I told my students that I liked doing drafting by hand instead of via computer, and they acted like I was nuts. LOL, can you imagine actually wanted to use AutoCAD to design buildings? I told them, you still have to understand the underlying principles anyways, and computers can crash, taking your hard work with it. When our instructor introduced us to computer aided drafting, I thought it was disgusting. But again, computers and software were not very powerful.