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Saturday, April 30, 2011

More Manipulation In The Interest Of Being Controlled By The System..Not My Own Will

I find if I do something charitable I feel the effects of.the gang stalking and pain /suffering subsides.

This must have been what was the purpose of hitting me hard and very loudly with "Serve humanity".. which is unusual but St Louis was wired to kill or severely torture anyway.

I was going to help people anyway by becoming a councelor. This system of totally destroying someones potential, talents and lowering their intelligence then guilting and blaming them til they feel humiliated, helpless alone and without recourse THEN only 'rewarding' them when they give to others or caretake people is totally unethical and if its not it should be illegal. Who do they think they are trying to beat and guilt a person down who wanted to help people to begin with?

Fuckin manipulative and this system will get no cooperation from me until that expose is written. THEN if I do service work with other human beings I can always point to that book and show that I am doing so upon my own Will not the Will of the state.


Anonymous said...

Interesting reader responses. Note Naisbit is a lot like the Survivors of ritual abuse: just innocent passer-bys who got taken hostage, and held against their wills and tortured and eventually killed off.

"The depressing part is that nothing has changed in our legal system, the criminals have many more rights than do their victims."

"until we start taking seriously what people like these are capable of...and putting them away early....then these types of crimes will continue"

When Orren Walker showed signs of life, Selby, who had run out of bullets, kicked a ball-point pen into his ear.

That's a class "A" sicko..........

Sick sick bastards. I'm wondering what led up to this situation in the first place? Was it the environment in the Air Force that contributed? Or, do these types of sick selfish bastards make their way into military positions, so they can inflict hell on others? Just wondering. Interesting the one of the 3 Hi-Fi Murders state that living on death row was cruel and unusual punishment. But Gilmore was more accepting of his situation, accepting he committed a crime and had to die for it. These torturers and murderers here, however, whined and bitched when they had to sit on death row.

We must always remember the perps involved with our campaigns are exactly like these people, and they have managed to build a flock of sheeple and mold them into their same sicko image.

But what I'd like to know if those two main murders in this robbery were somehow the product of these System, or if they were simply two isolated violent sickos carrying out an isolated crime?

Anonymous said...

I just was thinking about the whole notion of why people have TI's so much. I believe it's because they know we know the truth. and won't go down easy. That's why the hate us. Remember what the one perp told you... "they are mad at you because you're not accepting your situation, Rachel". Classic. I believe that sums it up nicely. Some part of the public must know we are human sacrifices, and they are just itching to get in on the human sacrifice action. If we handle our situations calmly and let them know we see through them, it must piss them off to no end.

There are large corporations out there that know they can't make a one mistake, or they are down the tubes. That's why we can't be a part of this massive building built on top of all of these lies. It's like they know they don't have a solid foundation... just tons of endless resources to seal the cracks resulting in shifting from the bad foundation beneath them. Hence, they are constantly rebuilding the ever-crumbling structure because of all the shifting and lack of solid ground their "building" is built upon. Why become part of an ever-crumbling structure which needs a new bad-aid every 2 seconds to survive? Those lies, gangstalkers, and informants... look at how many of them there are. Everyone one of those snickering smirking morons we see, as well as other perps, represent the little "patch up" job that is required to seal the cracks in their building. And if we are seeing an endless supply of these, seemingly to infinity, well then, it proves me right. It's like watching the show Holmes on Holmes. He's trying to point out the flaws in the foundation, like cracks in the lower walls, bad piping jobs on the floors, but in this case, the bad contractors keep sending repairmen, and endless supply of them, to keep patching their shoddy work, instead of acknowledging the foundation is built on sinking land.

Anonymous said...