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Friday, April 1, 2011

DOD/CIA Whistleblower Worried For Safety

Its an older story but it still demonstrates exactly what is a reality of life for whistle blowers.


Anonymous said...

Read your latest targeted survivor blog. They are working real hard to sap my motivation for working full time. I mean they are working real hard at this, like putting out various psy/op deterrents to make sure I don't apply for a full time job with benefits. Seems they would just LOVE for me to lose everything, and go on the run across the country. That way, they can get their perps foot soldiers after me, but I am going to try to see if I ca get some meaningful employment. I don't want to rush it, though.

They have perps saying things like "welfare" and other things as I pass. Or, these two semi-retards were sitting there, looking arrogant, and the one woman was saying "he IS dirty" and "dirt", stating it plainly, not looking at me, but just blatantly saying it in a conversation for me to hear. I've noticed something about these perps: the young ones that harass me, the biggest excuse they give me is for me to overlook their antics, because they are so young. But I have all ages of perps doing these things, from age 12 or so, up to 80's. And it's all the same stuff. So what excuse do THEY have? Some of their excuses they give for harassing, they are so lame, like I don't even know why they bother. They have to know I can see right through all of this. Either that, or their remote neural monitoring doesn't work. And it sure does..

Anonymous said...

I believe the crazy-sounding TI woman is a mind-controlled handler. Think about it -- she wants you to go to a TI group, when you've had bad experiences with these before. Probably she is a TI, but got shell-shocked and dumbed down into compliance, and now they control her. And these campaigns are designed to do just that: induce a form of schizophrenia through repeated trauma. So their working your supposed schizophrenia into conversations is predictive programming on their part. It seems like a desired outcome of the System. But the problem is the term "Schizophrenia" covers a broad and vast area of mental illnesses. According to them, we all have schizophrenia. I guess Only the stupid compliant ones are "normal".