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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Was thinking about that Mind War video.
And I listened again to that song from Burden and the Animals from my other blog.

Its one thing to want wars to be won and to want to gain public support but its quite another to torture individuals, play games, use such tech for occult matters or ritual abuse or to literally suck the life out of humans as spiritual entities.

Its gone too far. Men and their female counterparts who claim to just want order and victory are using such tech and psy ops for thier own private desires as well as thier personal beliefs about peoople's lifestyles and even the way women should behave in our society.

I think I can be sure that the idea that the co author of MindWar is not just utilizing this tech for mere changes in society.

The main reason for myself say, being behavior modified was not so much due to a higher level cover story going around, that the military dont understand or approve of my lifestyle, but that making me average and lobotomized is going to hide testimony and memories of mind control programming.
6:51 pm. In other building of college. There is some sort if party here or people gathered.
got this idea that many people believe this is happening to me becuz of Jake and embarrassing his family.
Listen people I didn't sign up for this either but once you're in it u may as well fight and act honorably.
Firstly, nice try but I've been targeted with overt tactical psy ops or 'gang stalking' since 1995. And to be honest I can look back and recall being followed by weirdos,harrassed or handled in jobs I had always with a steady steam of perp like weird guy patrons and always rude people and crazies. I experienced the same with my mother who I also saw mobbed at work and messed with out in public alot. And 1995 is long before I met Jake so forget it.

Its part of the lowest level cover story. A higher level is the one I.mentioned above, which was mentioned to me by a trucker from an area very heavily military. Yet its just another cover story. No one is going to spend this much money or risk breaking this many laws merely for some spoilt rich kid who's parents finally have to face the unpleasant reality concerning their son they've been enabling or just becuz you don't approve of a womans lifestyle. Those are almost as lame as the one about my mother wanting this done or that I am this way becuz my mother is too strict with me.

Who the f*ck do these people think they are dealing with? Do those stories actually work on the American public? I find that unbelievable...but sadly highly probable.


Anonymous said...

It is unbelieveable. So many grown adults who should be acting more responsibly, and keeping their noses in their own affairs, yet I see these types acting all buffoonish and immature, like aging kids who refuse to grow up. Also, I can't believe how much focus is on the target and his/her flaws, as well as the obsessive/compulsive behavior on the part of the public going along with this. Like they've been indoctrinated somehow, and they have this one track mind mentality, where they keep saying the same types of stuff around the target. They really don't know they have flaws, too, because everyone is so focused on bringing the target down.

Anonymous said...

This makes a lot of sense:

Interesting, cause I have always held that view. I am not a pot smoker, but he makes a lot of good points, esp. when he says the criminals are getting more powerful than the govt.

Anonymous said...

"From Mindwars to Fox News" by Jeff Wells

I think you will find this analysis interesting, esp. since your "awake" altar seems to have taken over again and you are more coherant.