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Friday, April 15, 2011

I know this can sound like paranoia or mental illness but you've got to remember that these experiences depend on location for the most part. If I were in another state, a part that was friendly to me, which does exist as there are some parts of AMERICA left in the USA, in these few locations I am treated rather well..

The northeast is just extremely nasty for gs. Burlington VT during Bush and my lawsuit with OLNICK was worse and more overt than Boston. They most likely have to be due to it seems they don't have the same tech capabilities.

Mental illness doesn't depend on location, being underground or in a concrete and steel building with no cell reception, or timing like certain hours or days etc.

THIS IS TECHNOLOGIES AND PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS USING HUMAN FOOT SOLDIERS. The tech is exactly what had been proposed by the Mind War paper written in part by Michael Aquino as a military psy ops officer..who also happened to head the Church of Set. (Which I have no personal problem with but its important within the frame work of an investigation).

Its too obvious at this point. The puzzle pieces are mostly all in place ..the only problem is that no one sees or acknowledges there is a puzzle at all.

Hmph, have it yer way. My job is almost through..Humanity can do as it likes.

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