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Monday, April 18, 2011

Production of Human Psychic Energy or Orgone Supressed By Targeting With Technologies

I have experienced that human electromagnetic fields or energy produced by human beings- psychic energy, is being interfered with by the man made electromagnetic energy fields.
In other words this:

Is interfering with the energy or meditative state one might feel when listening to this:

Usually when I listen to this vid I get a very heavy energy field or feeling of heavy energy blanketing my being or and physical body. My third eye area or pineal/pituitary gland area also becomes very present and strong.

I have experienced a direct interference in this process from WiFi being present. And I am not saying its merely electromag pollution. Its not a disease either so give that up, as there is a faction trying to deny its a disease as school children get sick at school with wi-fi and are better when not in school in certain areas. Its not a disease or allergy to begin with. Its simply more POLLUTION that has been proven to be bad for humans.

It wasn't so bad when cell phones started in the 90's to have towers everywhere. Some effects were noticed. Now however on top of military and industrial heavy duty electromag pollution there is wi fi everywhere as well as many more cell towers. I have not done my research as to be able to differentiate between electromagnetism, microwaves and wi fi or if they are all the same thing. I'll work on that. But I know that there is a difference between mere electromagnetic pollution and targeting individuals with electromagnetic energy or microwave weapons.

I have experienced a purposeful repression of the psyche and body's reaction mentioned above, produced by say this meditative music video, by what seemed like remote influence technologies specifically where there was a wi fi unit as above. I have also experienced this on a subway and in other locations.

This seems to be part of a multi faceted effort to destroy or weaken human psychic ability or production of vril or orgone- life force.

If you doubt certain people can be targeted using cell towers to carry microwaves:


Anonymous said...

I read the perps making the counter-threats. What I would do, is camp out there and dare him to show up. Just tell him, "I don't make threats; I make promises". Or just tell him to schedule an "appointment" and you'd meet him there.

My opinion: just a joker trying to amuse himself making phony threats. Dare the fucker to show up when you're there. Just say as an American citizen, you're allowed to stage a revolt against tyrannical elements of the govt., and you are NOT going to let a rat snitching perp stand in your way.

Anonymous said...

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And Brian Jones? Whatever happened to him? Nobody knows, other than he was found dead in his swimming pool, drowned, in '69. Some where quick to point out drugs. Others say he had cleaned up, and was getting his life together shortly before that drowning occurred.

And the way Jagger and Richards treated him was beyond pathetic. Imagine Mick kicking Jones out and reducing his credits on albums before he was canned. And then he sites drugs were dragging his musical abilities down? Uhmmm hey Mick, guess what? Ever see Richards' drug rap sheet? How about the making of Sympathy of the Devil where Richards was doing all kinds of weird gestures, obviously on some kind of chemicals? It seems the ignore the transgivings of their closest buddies, but those that are "different" to them in some way or not part of their circle, well, they get the treatment. And as far as Jones being found dead, well, I don't think the Stones had anything to do with that, but it's so ironic, the timing. There were a lot of weird happenings in England in the late 60's.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you look up the devices that are solutions to this and explore there. There is a lot of orgonite and other energy devices on the market that work.

What I have now found is that they cut my psychic problems by a good 25%. So at least for me the tech was accounting for a good quarter of the blockage. The rest of it is my own emotional issues and damgage, as well as the chemical madness of people's perfumes and fab softeners (which are so toxic they make you brain dead...notice fabric softener smells 10 times worse than when you were a kid!).

So overall the tech is not the ONLY factor, however when you negate the effects of it the relief is highly noticable.

Anonymous said...

"Active Denial System"