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Saturday, April 30, 2011

No TI targeted from birth can account for the motives behind the harassment that seems constant.

The way most TIs are treated, tortured to death really no one believes this.could really be happening.
That this many people could be involved in this much covert warfare.

Tonight I had two rude people and the way my life is and has always been I simply don't notice anymore. And due to my being so severely beaten in past few years I have had to condition myself to not react. This has been done on purpose so that I would become this mello.accepting person.

They terrorize and torture you then they try to make you react. The more you don't react the more you are behavior modified to accept being harrassed.
No one wants to help Survivors of mind control programming not just becuz they themselves are afraid of being targeted but no one seems to want to admit to the existence of the international interconnected system. People just write us off as sacrifices to their elite and authorities. We are simply not as important or impressive as they.

In a way the public who largely cosign this entire operation decade after decade, are protecting their elite and leaders as we, their creations, are capable of not only exposing them but knowing they way they operate and think.

It seems like the majority of people know about mc slavery and their only attempt to assist victims or Targeted Survivors is to help the system beat the person down until all the anger is out of the Survivor, their intelligence is lowered and they accept their lost status and position in society and their own lives
American society seems to completely accept this. Which means all the progress in science and tech in the world hasn't evolved man one bit;
society still readily accepts slavery.

They still accept human sacrifices to their gods.

They join in with the enslavers in creating slaves, controlling them and then destroying them.

This is all done systematically so that The People can have a high quality Without mind control slavery there would be no such quality of life. People know.this and willingly or not go along with targeting and oppressing mind control Survivors.

Its unbelievable the amount of people nationwide involved in helping to destroy a Targeted Survivor, its equally as astonishing how many people turn around and shy away in fear knowing what people are doing to that person.

No one cares becuz no one will stand up against the system that creates mind controlled slaves. Most people seem to enjoy taking part in destroying or.controlling the person. And very few people are there to help.

People just turn away or live in denial. No one will do anything about this.

The public are worthless becuz they fully support a minority of.human beings being tortured and enslaved and then tormented to death in the end.

My mother warned me that no one would care and she was speaking from the voice of life experience.

Humans are greedy selfish animals and they will never evolve beyond that.

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  1. Imagine how jesus felt when he came into the world to teach, to heal and to save mankind. Imagine what it was like to be a prophet in the days of the old testament, being filled with the knowledge of things to come and trying unsuccessfully to warn the powers that be. Our nation has turned in upon itself and most of those who know about the horror of this abuse are simply trying to survive. it is rare to find people with your strength and perserverence. I don't agree with everything in your blog but I am so glad that I found it. It is a treasure for me and many others I'm sure and it confirms what I've been holding on to for several years of being targeted. God is still in control.