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Friday, April 15, 2011

The worst harrassment is still consistently on the MBTA train and trolley system. The buses its hit or miss, depends on the route really and my appearance to the gs it seems. If I look too beat up and tired like I am in a good rut from all this I don't get messed with so much on the buses. Ever since that well deserved post to MIT the gs had been reduced to people trying their best to avoid me when I can tell they recognize me. Thats all I want is to see the college kids..a life I would have liked but could never have. And as an older person, the kids are really one of the last joys left on the earth. They are consistent- like an ever flowing spring year after year that u know u can depend on to be there.

The train has been most obnoxious lately. Its the usual person crowds my space, stares, focuses on me, shakes head in disapproval...been getting that alot lately. It seems to be continued brainwashing to get me to focus on getting my life together. To move on from all this and take the opportunity to go to school I assume.

They definately want to keep up the stress and the brainwashing. Keeping me nervous, off balance. Letting me know that I am not welcome in the cities in metro Boston area. But what does it matter? Ill get harrassed anywhere I go anyway.
The perps don't want you out of certain areas, they want you corralled into only certain areas. I learned that in San Diego as they were very overt about that being the case. They aren't very psychological or slick there about what they are doing. They use intimidation. Cambridge uses shaming and status along with race and class based intimidation.

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