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Sunday, April 17, 2011

And dont worry you meager morons. When in So Cal I bypass L.A. on purpose. Becuz Jake is there. And I either want to meet him in person and give him a long glove slap which he rightly deserves or cry and ask him why..and how could he. So I avoid that location like the plague.

Also dont even try that Bush era shit with that spook bullshit of using look alikes. Like when that Navy brat told me they were trying to frame me for robbing a bank. Who the f*ck do you think you are?
My name aint Fritz Springmier you dopes. It aint gonna be that easy.

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Anonymous said...

Just saw the video a couple times again: powerful stuff. Looks like your everyday people, but have these "skeletons in the closet". One guy is a well-dressed business man, but when he undresses, you see he's got women's clothing on, and he's desperately fighting the urge, his demons. Also, the visual of him putting on his lipstick... he looks like he's hididing some serious inner anger when putting on the lipstick. What could that be about? A closet woman abuser who is a transvestite? And the woman: a happy, smiling woman you see on those fitness shows, but when she turns her head, you see an old woman, and it's deliberate side shot, to look like the classic illusion of the old woman picture. Very deliberate. A woman with demons, but very smiling and happy and confident on her TV show. But in private, you see her inner demons: obsessed with aging, has alcohol and body image problems, etc. These are things the System likes to play off on TI's, yet keeps them hidden from view, as though they are doing something to clean up these types of demons in our society.