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Thursday, April 28, 2011

NWO Here Now/Cold War Spooks Go Private Sector

Interestingly, being targeted as of now very much resembles having one's chip turned off in this vid. This is what it would be like to be marginalized out of society in a microchipped society.

Except they couldn't call you crazy and deny what they've done to you then. By then it wont matter.

And people are totally brainwashed now. Its hopeless. The very fact that all social services places I frequent have little or no sympathy for Targeted Individuals who are political targets, many with cover stories, shows that we are now in dire straits. It seems that any and all true activism, dissent or humanitariansim has been replaced with people who support the system. I've had to learn the very hard way that the social services sphere is nothing like it was from the 70's to the 90's. The people working in these places no longer resemble the people who worked in this field in the 90's. The system has taken control of these resources and the college kids who intern these jobs are NOT rebellious or questioning the system. They are at best PC conformists to a Liberal Leftist agenda which nowadays means Obama and forced Diversity and that angle on conditioning. Im saying that it seems there are no truly anti establishment people left in that field nor on either political side. You can no longer trust Liberals or Democrats.r

This may explain why:

It seems that post Cold War covert operatives have moved into outsourcing companies for the corporate agenda.
So corporations did take over and they are ensuring their power is total by using govt trained skilled and talented covert operatives to do so. Also there seems to be a trend to ensuring that everything works towards an agenda of the national interest.
By purposefully ignoring TIs social services workers are cosigning everything they claim to be against.

I personally have learned that anything concerning the homeless services cannot be trusted and is infiltrated by people who are now totally controlled by the system. During my being targeted they KNEW I was being harassed etc and even told me so, but would write it off by saying "You're a very smart woman, you'll figure this out"..which from that point in 2006 led to years of travel with little money, my compensation from Olnick was instead of being used for my health was spent on hotel rooms and running from harassment. I was poisoned, dosed, followed, harassed, abducted terrorized kept on the run for years, was almost murdered and barely escaped suicide. My health had been destroyed and all future oportunities taken from me.
That is what the homeless social services people helped do to me.

In this situation the way the system is set up there is nowhere for a targeted person to go for help or safety.

To go underground with subculture scenes is the only option and that is detrimental to writing books or being productive. From my experience those scenes are also infiltrated to a lesser extent.

No one seems to care anymore about anything. Its like I've been posting all along and like the vid says- the people have been so trauma based mind controlled that they now gladly just plug in and tune out.

True dissidents, even people like myself who have been grossly mistreated with legit legal issues, are just ignored.

What happened to me covertly is exactly what happened to someone who gets abducted, isolated from support or council, detained and tortured. And people are systematically ignoring me as a way of dealing with that.

There is in place now a covert version of this. The chips will make it overt but it doesn't seem to matter. People are being trained to accept covert destruction of people now so bringing it in overtly will be easy.

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