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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DEA/FBI? Morons is all I know

Oh I believe I posted that the CIA/DEA/Bloods and other gangs connection was related to Iran Contra and cocaine brought into the ghettos as crack in the 80's.

Its just like Charles Schlund said, they seem to indeed operate the way that he mapped out they did to him. The DEA pieces of shit pose as FBI and chase you around the country and set you up as involved in drugs. Thats why I never got a subpeona but those fucktards were on buses in mobs intimidating me and asking me what I thought of George Bush. Those assholes who run Dama La Mano in El Paso, those Mexicans, the son turned on me and asked me that one day alone in his truck. The family claimed to be Christians but it turned out that they were Jews originally. Why wouldnt it be thier nature to sell me out for money, becuz its govt funding they were trying to get. So you see how assholes could get whatever they wanted during Bush just for fucking with a Target. Running from the FBI...gimme a break. If it was the FBI I want thier asses in a court room NOW. And then whoever was doing this has the audacity to think I am so beaten down that by AZ they try to get me to join thier perp group. Stupid.

People must have nationwide gang stalked me for career opportunities, less jail time, govt funding, etc etc. Which explains their being so motivated. Good, like I said, bring on the lowering of the population. Make em pay for taking my life from me, the best years of my life and to get things for themselves. Fuck em all.

I especially want whoever those assholes are who seem like the professional perps to pay. Those bastards on buses playing with a TI's head and playing mind games. This old bitch from MA who was on a bus with a perp group, the one where that kid said his dadda worked for Sisco Systems and he was addicted to World of Warcraft...he especially liked playing mind games with me, little fuckin brat.

The old bitch said something about doing an experiment where they wanted to see if a person who talks to themselves is isnt allowed to or something like that, isnt left alone or whatever, eventually commits suicide. I dont know bitch, I no longer self talk as a theraputic method to clear my conshusness. I have this blog, and due to the fact I was fully programmed some of that remains and, well you old bag, I in my video memory, can still see your frail, skinny old ass and what you look like going on six years now, as if it was yesterday. If ever I get a chance to crucify you any way possible I will. Hopefully yer dead of old age you ugly skinny old bag. And that spoiled rotten brat whos daddy is a military contractor whore- hopefully he shoots himself on W of W while online. Heh heh heh. All these kids love thier pot too. Morons really. Too much money and not enough ass kicking..thats becuz they are taught probably that their parents work for military industrial complex and its thier job to make the weapons and tech that does the asskicking. THEY only have to play games with perspective TI's probably to learn more for thier little toys. Its interesting that we see all kinds of govt corruption being put in the newspapers nowadays for diversion but the antics of the cocksuckers in this business are closed off to us. Do you even know who the families are or the contractors or people are involved in the military industrial complex? Perhaps you should start learning. Maybe someone should make thier faces as familiar as the white trash on COPS, becuz from thier behaviors and the behaviors of their children, they are nothing but RICH white trash....and some select black trash as well. And they all seem very ugly on the average especially the women, which would explain the need to destroy a person like me in the name of National Security or 'research'. The recent WIRED article on a few families caught in special interests with each other has some photos of such people and the main female involved is fortunate she is wealthy...becuz natural beauty is NOT her grace in this life.

You better stay in your ivory towers becuz I remember everything you did to me over the years and I will find some way to get revenge. You are so incredibly wealthy and so incredibly over resourced, and you HIDE FROM THE PUBLIC that your downfall has GOT to be coming up soon somewhere. Hopefully it will be a good old fashioned revolution where you arise one morning to find most of the family dead in thier beds, and you are next. Wouldn't it be nice if it were like the old days in Europe. NOW do you see why certain factions want to make sure a slave culture manages us??? Only poor whites could have the historical references of successful overthrows of such jerks for INSPIRATION. The elite...hmph. From what I saw, those bitches need nose jobs.

Elite my ass bitches. Which, by birth, will always be a much nicer ass than yours so suck off. Whatta matta, doesnt your money buy you a good plastic surgeon? Or is it not de riguer within your niche of families that make money off of killing mass amounts of people and using mind control tech to torture- to care about aesthetics? Hmm yes I can see the point. In your madness, your kind most likely sees the beauty in the violence of killing.

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